How fast hot cars can become life-threatening

"GMA" conducts an experiment to see how quickly temperatures can rise inside a parked vehicle and become severely dangerous.
3:34 | 07/19/19

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Transcript for How fast hot cars can become life-threatening
We turn to a new look at what can happen in this extreme heat that we're facing part of our new series live on "Gma." We're going to do a live demonstration showing what can happen if you're stuck inside a car in these scorching temperatures. Yes, and Guinea pig, aka gio Benitez is right outside philly right now. Philly is a great town but when we told you you were going we had to tell you you were sitting in a car with the windows up and no ac on. What will we see, gio? Reporter: You know what, we're talking about a heat index of over 100 and we'll see some of the hottest temperatures in years across the country. This is going to be one of the most dangerous places to be in, a hot car especially when we're talking about your children. Is this your car? Yes, sir. Open it up right now. Reporter: Police in Oklahoma rescuing this 14-month-old baby just last month left in a car sweltering in the summer heat. Its skin clammy and bright red. What the hell were you thinking? Reporter: This child survived but a staggering 21 other kids have died. The biggest mistake people can make is to think this will never happen to them or their family. Reporter: Experts say forgetting a child can happen to anyone. It happened to this mother last year. I work in the emergency department. I'm a nurse. I hear these stories and I always say, like how could that possibly happen? That child too was okay. Reporter: It doesn't take much to turn a car deadly. Even with windows cracked temperatures can reach a dangerous 125 degrees in just minutes and don't let mild temperatures outside fool you. Children have died from heatstroke in cars where the temps outside are as low as 60 degrees. Tinted windows don't help much either. Everybody needs to look before you walk. Reporter: A third of deadly cases are the result of children wandering into cars on their own. Experts say always keep cars locked and keep keys out of reach of small hands. If a child goes missing on a warm day the first place to look should be inside nearby vehicles and teach kids to honk if they're stuck. Getting ready to get into that car to show how quickly they can become dangerous. We want to tell you gio will never be in danger. A certified paramedic will be monitoring gio's heartrate and temperature the entire time. But, gio, tell us what you think we should expect. Okay, so, Cecilia, right here we have the car temperature right now, we're looking at 83 degrees. We've got my heart rate, I've been talking so at 161 right now but it was earlier a little lower. And now we're talking about body temperature of about 98 degrees, right? Want to take it again. Take it again. We'll do it right here so the purpose of doing this, okay, is that we want to make sure that you understand what happens to the body, because it is just so dangerous for children in the backseat of these cars. So we're going to be here for the next hour and we'll be back to show you what happens. Yeah, gio, we'll check on you throughout the morning and in our next hour gio is going to show us some kips, brand-new technology that can help keep your family safe but this is a really important thing to hear this time of year. Yeah, and to hear that a child is -- you don't think about that. That a child can die in a car.

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{"duration":"3:34","description":"\"GMA\" conducts an experiment to see how quickly temperatures can rise inside a parked vehicle and become severely dangerous.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64435184","title":"How fast hot cars can become life-threatening","url":"/GMA/News/video/fast-hot-cars-life-threatening-64435184"}