7-foot alligator scales backyard fence

The alligator was the fifth gator removed from a South Carolina neighborhood this spring alone.
1:59 | 05/29/18

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Transcript for 7-foot alligator scales backyard fence
I want to see. We're backith T bard scare. Igator tryin climb a fence and they're warning close calls lik these are onhe rise and Victor Odo is in Miami, florid with all those details I never wanted to know.od morning, Victor. Reporter: That's right,d mog, Amy. Seeing alligators in Florida Lakes like Thi one ismon but it's those sightings in unexpected plathat are on the rise and according to a new study that might the new norm. That is a sefoot alligat scaling a fence in a backya not exactly what neigh in one South Carolina neighbod expected T wake up to. Anyth that's bignough to T gets my attention. Reporter: It'sually the fifth alto removed from the neighborhood so fhis spring. I hate to thin hang supperh an alligator tonight but he M be on my dock WHE I back home. Who knows. Reporter: Aoss the Carolinas chomping their way Ards. Oh, my gosh. Reporter: Officersngling this massive gator off a P earlier this month. These alarming sights are becoming morecommon inppers drags this one from family's driveway. Even a mountain Lio spotted roamingkyards outsi L.A. And researchers bieve it's a sight wehould all get used to. Moving into areas they formerly inhabited before they were pushed out by Han activity. Reporter: According to new study large predators are moving into unexpted areas,ot necey ING new itory but rognizing forme hunting grounds that been taken over by humans. If the likelihood is higher that large predators are going Reporter: Like our neighborhood streets, backyards and apparently evences. There is onee factor to consider. Acrding to Florida wish and wildlife may and June is mg season for gators. . Erybody, be on the lookout. I got chills watching that. Thank you,victor. Thank you very much. Coming up shall the

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{"duration":"1:59","description":"The alligator was the fifth gator removed from a South Carolina neighborhood this spring alone. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55500110","title":"7-foot alligator scales backyard fence","url":"/GMA/News/video/foot-alligator-scales-backyard-fence-55500110"}