Teen describes surviving 9 months in captivity

Abby Hernandez told ABC News she was locked in a soundproof shipping container after a stranger picked her up on her walk home from school in 2013.
4:02 | 09/07/18

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Transcript for Teen describes surviving 9 months in captivity
We are back now withha young G who vanished without kided at 14 years old surving nine months in ivity. E case capturing national attention now she telling her story for the first timeealing howhe ma to Roberts here with "20/20" exclusive.ee you. Good mornin Ernandez is nothing short of exaordinary. A teen girl who svived and overcame a harrowing oral painful pastut N decided to share us theails of that nigre that changed her life forever. An ordinary walk homerom school becameni-month nightmare for 14-year-oldbby herndez. October 9th,3, blisters former newoots are making I rs a ride gets in the ride. Smedike your average Rorter: Aft a short the driver pulls a gun. Aid ifou try to scream or try to esc make any effort tscapere will be consequences. Reporter: He handcus her and breaks her cell phone driver to a rural wooded areaow THR it all, by know WHA she has to do. I remember thinking T myself, okay, I got took with this guy. Iaid I don jud Y for this. You let me go I won't tell anybody about this. Youually see really smart. Trying to O. Exactly. Sexua assaulted, locked in a soroof shippg container. You're4 oldeing torted. Yep. Ju really wanted to live, ough. I did not want to nd I member praying to god and remeer I never said, you know amenn mind never wanted to prayersbecause I didn't want god leaveme. Eporter: S E the next nine month through prayer angains herca trust by never disagring or angering him. The T a complicated they wld talk tet and she says she even agrd toelp him make counterit Mon Part how I trust, I guess was, Y know, I with whavee to do. Reporter: In fact, he was afra police were about to arrest him on a counterfeiting investigation he let Abby go a desolate road. O cars coming either he said getut? Just like that.e that. That W it. I remember looking up and hing just being so happy. I neverught it wod happen me but I'm free and I jus walked home.eporter: T N before seen footage ofeturning me caught the family's security camera. I remember when I came up to doorstep I could hy mom talking on thephone, I cou mom I she id, Abby then she ran to me and we J hugged each other like the longest time and I just felt -- I felt so pp Remarkably five after that difficult dealbb has forgiven H ctor and says she's fling whole again. She's mak a new life for herself mostlyants people to know a devastating situa't have to define who you are. Shs years old. Extraordinary his presencof mind. O what happened to captor? Well, Nate kibbas -- he's in prison right now. He pleaded guilty. NER --E will most likely spent his rest of his life in prison? She's the same age as my hter and hearing Halk about what she W grabbed by thethroat. She's Rd she's lient and movingon. She H a story to tell. She sure does more Toni yes, yes, don't W I'm going to pn. You can seerah'sxc interview with Abby Hernandez on "20/20 tonight at 10:00 p.m.stern on ab we'll be watching. Looki forrd too. Coming eve

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{"duration":"4:02","description":"Abby Hernandez told ABC News she was locked in a soundproof shipping container after a stranger picked her up on her walk home from school in 2013.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57667145","title":"Teen describes surviving 9 months in captivity","url":"/GMA/News/video/girl-describes-surviving-months-captivity-57667145"}