Gulf Coast braces for Alberto as storm threatens to ruin holiday weekend

Alabama, Florida and Mississippi declared states of emergency ahead of the subtropical storm.
3:22 | 05/27/18

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Transcript for Gulf Coast braces for Alberto as storm threatens to ruin holiday weekend
On this holiday weekend there is a threat looming for millions of Americans. It's a major storm called Alberto which could bring heavy rain flash flooding gusty winds and even tornadoes today. There are states of emergency and Alabama Florida and Mississippi as the Gulf Coast braced as for the possible tropical storm. Alberto is the first named storm of the hurricane season which technically doesn't even begin until June 1 this. Raise assets make landfall tomorrow authority Florida is already feeling the effects and rob is right there on the ground. In Pensacola rob good morning to you. Good morning guys certainly not what Floridians want on holiday weekend you sued Gulf of Mexico behind me I'm being churned up. By Alberto well to our south by about 300 miles you know we're watching as arkan Panama's her mount two weeks almost in disbelief not thing and that's what happened this early in the season but. It is for rail and it's already impacting the US. Overnight several states bracing for Alberto as the early season storm puts a damper on the holiday weekend it's. Theater emergencies declared in Florida Mississippi and Alabama. We have a chance for some fighting disease unpredictable you know we all enjoy. Memorial Day weekend with their families but everybody everybody needs be safe. Albert so moving into the Gulf of Mexico overnight with the winds already gusting to fifty miles per hour in Florida. Parts of Alabama and the Florida Panhandle facing up to twelve inches of rain. In Miami canals they are lowered up to a foot as the heavy rain moves it. Public safety officials in Pensacola warning of high surf and waves potentially reaching twelve to sixteen feet by Monday. And a high risk of rip currents and area arts not even her. Gain season and we already have a storm. In in the Gulf of Mexico how uneasy does that make you feel especially given what what we endured last season. Always on easy mind you know nature doesn't all our time line venture partners does what it. Residents across the southern coastal states. Securing sandbags in water pumps as they prepare for flash flooding and a threat for tornadoes this Memorial Day block it all down taken that cite any. I don't blow around because that in the blows and high winds could be a missile. One thing we learn this year is that mother nature certainly. Not following a metallic in the what are the issues with this storm is that a lot of this area has seen a tremendous amount of rain over a foot in some areas across Florida and the past two weeks on the ground as it is really saturated RS go on the specifics of this thing. It has emerged in the Gulf of Mexico is about 300 miles south of here about. They need a hundred miles west of on the West Coast of Florida but already we're seeing winds gusting over fifty miles and are you see the radar there you see the winds gusting in Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale Fort Myers Tampa you're in as well somebody drained our torrential. And are beginning at heart here the next six to ten hours a forecast track brings it to fifteen to sixteen on our wind strength so increasing in intensity. As we go through time and making landfall somewhere around here looks like. By tomorrow afternoon and drifting into the Tennessee valleys that giving everybody a big stretch above rainfall six to twelve inches and and tropical storm warnings have now been extended across much of the entire western. Coast above all Florida with storm surge and that heavier rain and a tornado threat all inclusive. Today guys. Rab we appreciate you being out there covering and it would be covering the storm throughout the show and throughout the weekend thank you again rob.

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{"id":55468492,"title":"Gulf Coast braces for Alberto as storm threatens to ruin holiday weekend","duration":"3:22","description":"Alabama, Florida and Mississippi declared states of emergency ahead of the subtropical storm.","url":"/GMA/News/video/gulf-coast-braces-alberto-storm-threatens-ruin-holiday-55468492","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}