High school coach disarms student armed with shotgun

Keanon Lowe, a football coach in Portland, Oregon, was seen on surveillance video hugging the student, who police say intended to harm himself.
2:27 | 10/21/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for High school coach disarms student armed with shotgun
We want to turn to stunning surveillance video you have to see. This shows a hero high school football coach, now, you see in the video him disarm a student with a shotgun. But even more remarkable in this video is what he does after he gets the gun out of that kid's hands. Gio Benitez here with more on this. Good morning to you, gio. Reporter: Hey, T.J., good morning. This is not how anyone expected this incident to end. KATU obtaining the surveillance video and I want you to watch it. It quickly goes from very scary to incredibly moving. Newly released surveillance video showing the dramatic moment a quick-thinking Portland high school football coach disarmed a student with a loaded shotgun. Possibly going to be an active shooter at parkrose -- Reporter: A potential tragedy avoided. The coach walking out and handing the gun off to a teacher. Watch as it reveals this moving moment. Coach keanon Lowe hugging angel granados-diaz. The school now safe while Lowe talks to the troubled student who police say intended to harm himself. Other students rushing out. Campus security with the active shooter and in custody on the western side of the building. Reporter: Police responding to the scene. The incident taking place in may at parkrose high school. Lowe lauded as a hero and now his brave actions are taking on a new life with his compassion. Lowe appearing on "Gma" shortly after that unexpected day. I think there's things in my life that have happened that, you know, I think have prepared me for that very moment, you know, to act. Reporter: The coach a former Oregon ducks football standout perhaps making the most significant play of his life that day. He put his life at danger for us. Reporter: Lowe recognizing the significance of his courage. I thank god that no one got hurt and, you know, thank god that I was in that room. Reporter: Yeah, thank goodness. The student pleaded guilty to unlawful possession of a firearm in public but overflight attendant through his lawyer angel saying he thanks the coach and that he's now receiving the treatment that he needs. This ended so well for everyone. And that coach, he is a track coach, football coach and security guard. They do everything and they see these kids every day and for him to be able to pull that off in that moment, it gives me chills every time I see that. You could see it in his face when he hugs that student. What a combination of courage and compassion. Incredible. Thank you, gio.

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{"duration":"2:27","description":"Keanon Lowe, a football coach in Portland, Oregon, was seen on surveillance video hugging the student, who police say intended to harm himself.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66414473","title":"High school coach disarms student armed with shotgun","url":"/GMA/News/video/high-school-coach-disarms-student-armed-shotgun-66414473"}