House Speaker Pelosi plans to send articles of impeachment to the Senate

Senators are gearing up for the trial while Democrats are hoping that key witnesses like former national security adviser John Bolton will be called to testify.
4:25 | 01/12/20

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Transcript for House Speaker Pelosi plans to send articles of impeachment to the Senate
Now to the impeachment showdown and a pivotal week speaker Pelosi is promising to send articles of impeachment to the senate. Setting the stage for a historic trial. David Wright is at the white house with more on what to expect. David, good morning. Reporter: Good morning, whit. This is set to be a momentous week here in Washington as the impeachment process resumes after a brief break over the holidays. House Democrats are expected to discuss impeachment at their caucus on Tuesday and after that, the full house will vote to appoint managers for the case and they will then vote to transmit the articles of impeachment over the senate. That means that the soonest a impeachment trial could begin is Wednesday. For now, speaker Pelosi has appeared to lost her effort to convince senate Republicans to allow witnesses in the trial. But there's still some room for that to change if they can convince four senate Republicans to break ranks. David, senator Mcconnell said that he wants to use the Clinton impeachment trial as a precedent. That gives us how long president trump's trial could take? It gives us a possibility. That trial began almost exactly at this time of year, January 7th, and it was over in just a month. There were a couple of days for managers to present their case. A few days for the president to mount a defense and all of this presided over by the chief justice. You see him there, William Rehnquist at the time. No witnesses at that trial. But we did hear some video testimony. This time, it takes place against the backdrop of the beginning of primary season, that could cause a problem for the five senate Democrats who are normally out on the campaign trail. Dan. David Wright, thank you very much. House speaker Nancy Pelosi is going to make an exclusive live appearance on ABC's "This week" later this morning. And our chief anchor George Stephanopoulos will be conducting that interview. We got new numbers from our ABC news/ipsos poll, asking about Nancy Pelosi's decision to hold off sending the articles of impeachment. The numbers show Americans are split whether this was an attempt to ensure a fair trial or Nancy Pelosi simply playing politics. Like everything else in our politics today, it shows a partisan, polarized split. I mean, everything -- everything is filtered through that partisan line. I guess that split isn't very surprising. It's true that speaker Pelosi has decided to send forward these articles without up front assurances that witnesses and documents that are going to be seen in the senate trial. Now looking forward, though, one place you see more than a partisan split is on the question on whether or not witnesses should appear at the senate trial. 70% of the American public wants those witnesses to appear. Is that enough to get those four senate Republicans to vote for witnesses? Do you have a sense at this point in. It's hard to know. So far Mitch Mcconnell has held his caucus in line. On the other hand, you've seen Mitt Romney say he wants to hear from John Bolton. Susan Collins told bangor news this week that she wants to hear from witnesses as well. A lot will depend on what happens on the trial goes forward. Let's loop back to this situation in Iran, I know you have the president's national security adviser on the show this morning. What's your sense on where things stand at this point? It appears after the Iranian strike in the middle of the week that the tension between the United States and Iran had calmed down a little bit. But the fact that this airplane has gone down and you're seeing these protests in the streets of Iran right now is a complicating factor. You saw president trump tweet out this morning support for those protesters. What happens if that regime goes down? Will they lash out in other ways? Lot of unknowns going forward. All right, George, thank you. I want to remind people that George has a very big show this morning. As discussed, he has that exclusive one-on-one live interview with speaker Nancy Pelosi. Plus, after that week of tensions with Iran George will speak with the national security adviser Robert o'brien. That's coming up later this morning on "This week." George, thank you again. Whit, over to you.

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{"duration":"4:25","description":"Senators are gearing up for the trial while Democrats are hoping that key witnesses like former national security adviser John Bolton will be called to testify.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68227367","title":"House Speaker Pelosi plans to send articles of impeachment to the Senate","url":"/GMA/News/video/house-speaker-pelosi-plans-send-articles-impeachment-senate-68227367"}