Hurricane Lane churns towards Hawaii

Parts of the Hawaiian islands have already seen more than 2 feet of rain.
3:08 | 08/24/18

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Transcript for Hurricane Lane churns towards Hawaii
Firsthough, want to get to that state ofency Hawaii. In area. Hurricane lane I bearing down this morning, already slamming the island W T powerfulds torrentia ras. More thant Ady I some pts and extreme flash flooding. Let's go T oahu right now and ABC's gio benitezand,gio, at's going on the ground th Rorter: Heythere, Michael, good morning. Webe strong wind , nearly 50 miles pr re on thisisland. They will get S throughohe day as hurricane lane slowly get closer and closer to islands. This morning, parts of paradise Ater. You can the deluge in this onvideo water rising to the top ofes flooding what used toe a soccer Neveen it like T re.eporter: And take a look at turbulent murky brown stream in Hilo. Three Ines of rain falling in an ho over T feet of wat area pounding the big isnd. Wed to run in this park as little K and now it's a raging river. Reporter: Shuttin down watch as this Roa riv rushes over Arie. It's a gamble with what's coming and iust going T be station swamped with high floodwats this car. Hurricane lanengg along over 60-mile-per-hour wi watch as these residents are rescued from their home Wal arm in arm through the rushing WATE Hawaii is going to be impacted by hurricane lane. Torrential rains. Forecasters are predicting over 30 inches in some parts. Reporter: Others boarding up eir homesndbusinesses. One writing lane,lane, G away. This stabenow stopping the lattes a covering its exterio with plywoo and avn talking to many folkre at theairport. They're just tryin out of here before this storm ly comes rough.ey don't want T W for the aftermh, whatever happens here. They'rtting their vacation short bse they just say that they don't knowhat to do in a hurricane. They've never experienced one re. Most people are just trying to get oor safety, I'm sure, gio.thank you very much. Rtunately, T worst is yet because this is a sloving hurricane. That means a lot morenor the islands. Ginger is tracking that us. Good morning. Good morning. And rain and flash flooding is the number one threat. Just got brand-new number, inches rorted on the big land. Our regular waterfall a river that L like this,oiling tsarea, looks like this after you D more than twoeet of water to it. This storm was still 200 miles awropping allhat rain. See all T isl highlighted there with storm still 200 miles fro oah as it moves closer even if it stays far you G significant rainfall and flash flooding and dingwinds. Oue tropical storm force wind go up T 125 mis. Close to maui. Saturday by the time it gets to kauai. Amy. Now to new trouble president trump.

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{"duration":"3:08","description":"Parts of the Hawaiian islands have already seen more than 2 feet of rain.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57374837","title":"Hurricane Lane churns towards Hawaii","url":"/GMA/News/video/hurricane-lane-churns-hawaii-57374837"}