Joey and Mary Jo Buttafuoco's daughter on life in the public eye

Jessie Buttafuoco said it was difficult growing up after her mother was shot by Amy Fisher and the family became surrounded by a media frenzy for years.
4:11 | 11/08/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Joey and Mary Jo Buttafuoco's daughter on life in the public eye
Now to an ABC news exclusive and that story that made national headlines about the so-called Long Island Lolita. A love triangle that almost turned deadly. 17-year-old Amy fisher shooting Mary Joe buttafuoco but now Mary Joe and her daughter Jessie are opening up like never before. Paula Faris is here with that. This is a very candid glimpse of what happened on that fateful day in may of 1992. You probably have seen or heard this infamous story but never quite like this through the eyes of their daughter. Tonight the mysterious shooting in the suburbs. A woman shot in the head in front of her house, no suspect, no motive. Reporter: It was the attempted murder that shook the suburbs. Why? Why this neighborhood? Why this house? Why would someone, anyone want to kill Mary Joe buttafuoco? Reporter: Mother of two, Mary Joe buttafuoco shot in the head in broad daylight in may of 1992. The 37-year-old miraculously surviving and helping police identify the perpetrator as 17-year-old Amy fisher. I was in the hospital and I don't know how it happened or when it happened but somehow a picture of her was brought to me. They said, that's her. That kid did it and Joe said she's a customer. I know her father. I've done work on her car. Reporter: But Amy fisher wasn't just a customer. At her husband Joey's body shop. With Amy coming in all of the time that relationship went where it went and it was over real fast but with bad results. My relationship with Amy was inappropriate and that's as far as I'm going to go with that. Reporter: More than 25 years since the shooting the buttafuocos are opening up like never before sharing home videos and reflecting on the day that changed the course of the rest of their lives. So crazy to think someone attacked you and tried to murder you right here if yeah, right. Reporter: For their daughter Jessie the shooting marked the end of her storybook childhood and beginning of a nightmare. After the shooting there was zero degree of normalcy. That's all I wanted was to be normal but it was a rough, rough time and so I got big into cocaine because it made me feel like the queen and I experienced eating disorders from it. I suffered from alcoholism. Reporter: Almost a year after fisher pled guilty to aggravated assault Joey buttafuoco also found himself behind bars, pleading guilty to statutory rape. It was pretty surreal. What sticks out the most now is and it makes me kind of sad, I grew a lot of picture, I colored a lot of color books so he could post them on his wall and that's just messed up. That's a messed up exchange between a father and daughter to have to do. Reporter: ABC news also uncovering new details about the case from someone who says Amy recruited him. Amy wanted me to shoot Mary Joe. Eventually she asked me to shoot her, I said yeah. Reporter: Steven admitted to ABC news he fired into Mary Joe's house six months before fisher pulled the trigger. It was a Wednesday morning. I happened to be in my car and no one was in the house. I had a line of the sight and put two shots through the window. We thought it was random shots. It went through my living room and into the wall. Into the living room. The only reason you weren't in the way was you went to the bathroom at that time. It would have hit you. What an interesting development that S Joey buttafuoco is currently working with a Hollywood producer to develop a movie based on his early life. As for Jessie she moved back in with her mother Mary Joe working with middle school students producing music school theater. Joey says you think you know the story, you have no clue. Looking forward to watching it tonight. You know you can see more of the exclusive interviews with Mary Joe, Jessie and Joey buttigieg in the 20/20 event "Growing up buttigieg" tonight at 9:00, 8:00 central on ABC.

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{"duration":"4:11","description":"Jessie Buttafuoco said it was difficult growing up after her mother was shot by Amy Fisher and the family became surrounded by a media frenzy for years.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66845732","title":"Joey and Mary Jo Buttafuoco's daughter on life in the public eye","url":"/GMA/News/video/joey-mary-jo-buttafuocos-daughter-life-public-eye-66845732"}