Kavanaugh accuser agrees to testify before Senate Judiciary Committee

Christine Blasey Ford has agreed to testify Thursday but other details of the hearing continue to be negotiated.
6:43 | 09/23/18

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Transcript for Kavanaugh accuser agrees to testify before Senate Judiciary Committee
set R ymaking hearing in the U.S. Senate. Sources teg ABC news that Dr. Christine ey Ford ha now cutentative DL testify this week. She's agrd ell her of allegly B sexually ass bre vanaugh when they were teens. Judge Kavanaugh denies the claims. This mes R days of intense negotiations. There sts that need to ironed ou includinwho will bas those questions. Hite houseppearing T hold steady inport of kavanaugh.night, vice prespence confidently predicting jud kavaugh will bconfirmed. Wve team corage. GE by. Let's start with David wrigh new rsey whereresident trump pending the D. David, good morning to you. Reporter: Good morning, guys. Thistative deacomes after isould proce.according sources. Ford judiciary committee's me tooen a anonhreatens T polarize the countn more. Committee chair chuck grassley Iowa had set a 2:eadline Saturday for Dr. Christine blasort to test about her gations th J Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her at a high school party inlegations at Kavanaugh tegoricalldenies. Thlaseries of adlines, else the cmittee would procd to a vote. At 2:17, an e-mail arrived Ford acceptsttee'sto provide first-hand knowledge ofrett complained about the leaks and the that have tainted theocess. And made it clear,tiations are not fhed yet.speaking to conservative activists at values summit, vice presint Mike pence exprd confident kanaugh woulsurvive this. Hones themselv during thcess, it's a disgrace.disserviceo te and the American people. Ruts family, manyotrs, areemanding justice They neo know what this nn his youtso that he's HD response. Thomas of sex harassment a a lightning rod.ifhe Thomas confirmation is the Kavanah INGs polital fallout far beyond the senate commitroom. Presidentrump insis not worri let. Brett Kavanaugh. Fantastic man.he was borfos. Supreme ur wfoit. And it's going to happen Reporte T still a couple of points of contention here. One thoech -- one of them, the committee hther witnees. Rd has reportedly identified a number of people she says at the pty might be ae to corrora story. At this point, we know of the people who have come forward to the committo they ha no recollection. And inny case,he senate judiciary R, chuck gsshas sd he' onlynterested in hearing from David Wright in New Jersey, thank you. A tt. Les bring in Georg Poulos. Geor Good morning, guy Good rning. You hearvid talk AUT the sticking ps -- T remaining stick points. Is it your see that this is going ha? Let's underline tentative right now. Dr. Ford has agreed to Thursday. Tor grassley, it appears, sad be okay. Taki pl the demos want other witnesseto come Foard. Ybe they'll have the witnesses outside the hearing. That cld be a compromise. There's a whole tion of whether staff attoey questionr.stead of T senators. Maybehey'll workut a compse there.mount of work to work through on the hearing. Thursds a long ws away. Depending on who is doing theuging of the time. For some of these people, it S like thegot to pusthis ththrough fa. Let's talk about the stakes here. 'S how "Thw es" put it this morning. A judge could wellverturn row V. Wadand-pickedy a nowes chargesf sexuaassault ls than seven weeks before the election. This is the hstthis is prly the since Anita hillrence thomhearings. If both Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford stify, it coo who do the senators believe? E ways, it hard to get to T it hey years ago. As dpooichbltd David pointed out. The E othereohatr. Rdntified as being at the party said they have opened there. I think the otherig out there, wilher informatn come gua in the isr both judge Kavanaugh, Dr. Ford,nd all the senators who are a vote in the E. It's not just WHE naive. It's wt the American people believe heading as well.r, on this one, Ju kavaugh comes into the hearings already underwater with the americanlic. 'Sticularly popular nominee. When justice Thomas had his hearing I 1991, he came in with suort from the American public believed thannita hil 1991. Willt know. Tes have chged. A reminder. George has a big show this mog, include mhe ttle over ett Kavanaugh, with a top drat, senate diurbin W is also going to O one with ambassador Nikki Haley ahead of Thi week's U.N. General assembly. Gegeu. Tnks, guys. Now to adult film star

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{"duration":"6:43","description":"Christine Blasey Ford has agreed to testify Thursday but other details of the hearing continue to be negotiated. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58020791","title":"Kavanaugh accuser agrees to testify before Senate Judiciary Committee","url":"/GMA/News/video/kavanaugh-accuser-agrees-testify-senate-judiciary-committee-58020791"}