Kevin Spacey in court on felony sexual assault charge

The 59-year-old actor appeared stone-faced and silent as his legal team entered a not guilty plea on his behalf in a Nantucket courtroom.
6:52 | 01/08/19

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Transcript for Kevin Spacey in court on felony sexual assault charge
Now the latest on that sexual misconduct case against Oscar winner Kevin spacey. The actor appearing in court where a not guilty plea was entered on his behalf. Linsey Davis has more. Good morning, linsey. Reporter: Good morning, robin. Right after that court appearance Kevin spacey then flew back to Washington, D.C. On a private jet. He then got into the driver's seat of an SUV and was promptly pulled over for speeding. Now he was able to make it out without a speeding ticket but as for the case against him that he was arraigned for in the building behind me that still looms large. This morning disgraced actor Kevin spacey who once shined when surrounded by camera on the red carpet. Now faces a different kind of attention. What are you feeling today, Mr. Spacey? Reporter: Mobbed by cameras and helicopters on his way to a Massachusetts courtroom, accused of groping a teenage male back in 2016. This complaint charges that on July 8th, 2016 -- Reporter: Standing stone-faced and silent in court, the stakes are quite high for the 59-year-old actor who is now charged with felony sexual assault. Potentially faces up to five years in prison if convicted. His legal team entering a not guilty plea on his behalf. His attorney requesting the judge preserve the accuser's cell phone records including Snapchat by the 18-year-old who snapchatted his girlfriend during the incident. I don't want to see it destroyed inadvertently or manipulated. Reporter: On Monday neither the alleged victim nor his mother former Boston news anchor Heather Unruh appeared in court, though she has spoken publicly blasting spacey in the past. Shame on you for what you did to my son. This was a criminal act. Reporter: Spacey who's been accused of improper conduct by 30 men is facing accusations of sexual misconduct in other cases. The Los Angeles district attorney is currently reviewing a sexual assault case with one man who claims spacey assaulted him in malibu three years ago and in London authorities are investigating six allegations against the actor after multiple men there came forward. The Hollywood star who has taken home oscars for "American beauty" and "The usual suspects." You needed the will to do what the others wouldn't. I'm not going to pay a price -- Reporter: Releasing this bizarre video on line titled let me be frank channeling his "House of cards" character frank Underwood. He does not have to make an appearance at the next hearing and he is warned to stay away from his accuser and his accuser's family. Sunny Hostin and also criminal defense attorney mark geragos are here. Appreciate you both being here. Sunny, you come from the perspective of a former prosecutor. How strong is this case? You know, I think when I was prosecuting these in the late '90s and early 2000s I would have said this is not an easy case to prove because sex crimes generally aren't reported. Victims don't want to come forward but we're in a different time, in the me too movement. I don't think anybody would have thought years ago that bill Cosby would be serving a three-year prison sentence so I think this is actually a case about concept. I think there's video evidence in this case. Have you a young man who has come forward and said this happened to me. I think jurors are now more interested in these kind of cases. I think they believe victims more often now and I think this case is pretty strong. I'm going to ask about the video in a moment. Mark, I want to you weigh in. What is the best strategy for the defense? I think already a.j.'s laid out what his strategy is. He will say I think at the previous hearing they had talked about this idea this was consensual. That they're going to say that the video that was taken doesn't show anything other than consensual. They're going to say they want the text messages because clearly the -- he was not being assaulted. He was texting at the time, number one and, number two, he didn't report it for more than a year even though he had been talking about it with his girlfriend in realtime so I -- contrary to sunny I don't think it matters whether it's me too or time's up, I don't think this is a strong case from the prosecution's perspective at all. In fact, I would expect that Kevin spacey is found not guilty on this case. Sunny, as you brought up that tape, that Snapchat video. When I was prose executing these cases there were victims didn't come forward and certainly there was never video. Now you have a case where there is video and also have a case where you have Kevin spacey, you know, sort of putting out this creepy video where he's talking like frank Underwood from "House of cards." You have a lot of other victims that have come forward. You have Kevin spacey also saying to one of his other alleged victims, I'm sorry for -- I'm sorry for any other inappropriate drunken behavior. If any of that information comes forward in front of a jury, I mean, again, this case gets stronger and stronger and mark geragos knows if I love him. If I would get in trouble he is the criminal defense attorney I would hire but this case gets stronger and stronger. Can they keep the other accusations out of this? Well, I think you saw with Cosby and you see with others who are publicly being prosecuted that that is what prosecutors do when they've got a generally weak case, they claim when they're in court that they want to bring in these other accusers because that's going to give you a common mode of operation or give you a common scheme for identity. It's really not that. It's usually to bolster what is generally a bad case. Interestingly, his lawyer in this case was also the prosecutor in the specter case and used that other crimes evidence when he was a prosecutor. So he's well aware of that. It takes a case that is normally weak or that normally you would not bring if you're a prosecutor and it probably pumps them over the hill and makes them want to bring a case like this and I don't disagree with sunny for a second. I'm sure if the lawyer had to do it over again he would have pulled back the frank Underwood video. That is not one of the great things you would want unless you have a mental defense going on. Kevin spacey plied him with so much alcohol. How does he concept when he's that drunk? A big issue in the case. Thank you so much. I love the respect that you have for each other. He's a wonderful attorney. Thank you for that. See you on "The view." We love each other. Always appreciate your perspective, mark.

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{"duration":"6:52","description":"The 59-year-old actor appeared stone-faced and silent as his legal team entered a not guilty plea on his behalf in a Nantucket courtroom.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60227412","title":"Kevin Spacey in court on felony sexual assault charge","url":"/GMA/News/video/kevin-spacey-court-felony-sexual-assault-charge-60227412"}