Key senators undecided amid countdown to Kavanaugh vote

Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake said he saw "no new corroboration at all" in the FBI probe, while another key senator, Susan Collins of Maine, said the investigation appears to be "very thorough."
4:12 | 10/05/18

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Transcript for Key senators undecided amid countdown to Kavanaugh vote
A first, of course, we want to get to that confirmation battle and judge Kavanaugh wrote that op-ed and thousands protesting on capitol hill. It is not slowing down the senate. A crucial vote taking place this morning and judge Kavanaugh could be confirmed as early as tomorrow. It could all come down to four senators and our senior congressional correspondent Mary Bruce starts us off on capitol hill with the very latest. Good morning, Mary. Reporter: Good morning, robin. Well, in just a few hours the senate will hold that key vote to advance Kavanaugh's nomination and while a path to his confirmation is emerging this is not a done deal yet. Those four senators are still undecided. But this morning, the clock is ticking for them to make a decision. With a critical vote just hours away, president trump overnight praised his supreme court pick. And you see what is going on in congress right now with one of the most respected people potentially, hopefully supreme court justice Brett Kavanaugh. What they're putting him through and his family, his family is incredible. Reporter: This morning, the white house has cause for optimism. Two of the key undecided votes seem satisfied with the FBI investigation into allegations of Kavanaugh's sexual misconduct. Senator Susan Collins telling reporters it appears to be a very thorough investigation and Jeff flake of Arizona who demanded the FBI investigate after this encounter with two women -- What happened to me doesn't matter. Reporter: Now flake sounding positive after seeing the report. I was a yes before this and now we're in the process of reviewing it. But thus far, we've seen no new, credible corroboration, no new corroboration at all. Reporter: Another key hold-out senator Lisa murkowski of Alaska is still undecided. So is Democrat Joe Manchin. Heidi Heitkamp who faces a tough re-election battle tells Fargo station WDAY news she's opposing Kavanaugh even if it costs her her job. If this were a political decision for me I certainly would be deciding this the other way. You know, there is an old saying history will judge you but most importantly you'll judge yourself and that's really what I'm saying. I can't get up in the morning and look at the life experience that I've had and say, yes to judge Kavanaugh. Reporter: On capitol hill the political pressure is tremendous. Protesters making their voices heard. Why aren't you -- why aren't you brave enough to talk to us and exchange with us? Don't you wave your hand at me. I wave my hand at you. You grow up. When I grow up? How dare you talk to women that way. How dare you. How dare you. Reporter: Taking their case directly to senators. While in the basement of the capitol senators shuffle in and out of this secure room to review the FBI's report. Behind these doors just a single copy, 46 pages of summaries from interviews with nine alleged witnesses, but Democrats are challenging the investigation. The whole thing is a sham. Reporter: They say the review is incomplete. The scope too narrow with key witnesses left out including Christine blasey Ford and judge Kavanaugh himself. Democrats agreed that the investigation scope should be limited. We did not agree that the white house should tie the FBI's hands. Reporter: Republicans insist the FBI report was thorough and backs up judge Kavanaugh's story. So don't tell me we haven't spent enough time. Also I feel very good about where this nomination is right now. Reporter: And now they're ready to vote. Enough already. Let's vote. Reporter: Now the senate will hold that vote later this morning setting up a possible final vote tomorrow afternoon. But there is one more potential wrinkle here. One Republican senator, Steve Daines is going to be out of town. It's his daughter's wedding. Republicans here don't seem too concerned. Steve Daines reportedly said two things are company -- confident of judge Kavanaugh getting

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{"duration":"4:12","description":"Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake said he saw \"no new corroboration at all\" in the FBI probe, while another key senator, Susan Collins of Maine, said the investigation appears to be \"very thorough.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58303437","title":"Key senators undecided amid countdown to Kavanaugh vote","url":"/GMA/News/video/key-senators-undecided-amid-countdown-kavanaugh-vote-58303437"}