A major Pacific storm is expected to bring high winds and heavy snow to the West

Thousands are without power from California to Washington.
2:34 | 01/06/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for A major Pacific storm is expected to bring high winds and heavy snow to the West
We have another breaking story we're covering this morning. A major pacific storm bringing high winds, torrential rain and heavy snow to the American west. Hundreds of thousands of power outages from California to Washington and there are more storms on the way. Rob is tracking it all. Rob, good morning to you. Hi. Good morning, Eva. This is a powerful and wide reaching storm. The entire west coast getting into the act of this, and right now the winds are really ramping up across the pacific northwest, notably Seattle and the approach of this storm is such that it increased speed rapidly. Nearly 50 miles per hour. That's what they are experiencing across parts of southern California. Rainfall in excess of 1 inch in about an hour and that's causing all sorts of problems across the west coast. Reporter: Overnight, a major storm system pounding the west coast bringing mud slides, flash flooding, heavy snow, while also knocking out power. In malibu, torrential rain triggering this mud slide on the busy pacific coast highway. The same area scorched by the woolsey fire this fall. Part of the highway shut down. Vehicles stuck. Responding officers navigating through the deep mud. Also in southern California, multiple funnel clouds spotted. Watch as this funnel spins off the coast of Long Beach. In northern California, heavy snow and whiteout conditions there. This was a scene on interstate 80 which was shut down for hours. Drivers forced to pull over and chain up. The heavy snow causing several accidents, leaving cars backed up for miles. In San Francisco, coastal flooding. Strong winds reaching up to 70 miles per hour sending dangerous, large waves and high tide right into San Francisco bay, shutting down the popular pier 14. The storm also knocking out power lines in Washington state. Take a look this dramatic video of this power line sparking and catching fire. This morning, more than 200,000 customers without power. There went the power. Whoa! My goodness, and those numbers will be increasing as far as how many people will be in the dark today. Here's storm number one, and this is storm number two, and another one that will come later in the week, way out there across the tip of the islands and we have all these watches and warnings. Heavy snow expected in the mountains and winds will be increasing tonight through tomorrow through San Francisco. This should clear out by the time the national championship game heads tomorrow and another one Tuesday and Wednesday. One of these goes coast to coast. We'll talk about that in a few minutes, Eva.

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{"duration":"2:34","description":"Thousands are without power from California to Washington. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60190513","title":"A major Pacific storm is expected to bring high winds and heavy snow to the West ","url":"/GMA/News/video/major-pacific-storm-expected-bring-high-winds-heavy-60190513"}