New mandatory evacuations underway as Florence marches onward

The storm, now a tropical depression, that has caused massive flooding in North Carolina forced a new evacuation order in the city of Fayetteville.
5:07 | 09/16/18

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Transcript for New mandatory evacuations underway as Florence marches onward
the Carolinas dumping torrential rescue effts are TAKG pleitjacksonville, north Caroli The red to impa the area for days or weeks. Victor Oquendo has more. Victor,morning,hi adrienne.e in jackslle. Ese floowaters Conti rise. Look behind me. You can reacng the sign that billboard and just beyond that, that box truck iuck. E water alst reaching the owe. Florence continues devastating this area. Reporter: Tmorning relentss rain acss ckille, North Carolina. Florence the city.chland inued. We speed this couple wading in neck deewater. I was raised around this area. This is the fii've seen this bad. I was hg to swim err a little bit. Reporter: Down the roads inlood watersearching for peoplerappednside their home the stoding dangerous for rescuers too.our station wtdv there when this humv got locals M a hand. Mike Gallagher and his wife deciding to ride out the storm. Go. If we leave a go to town, we would be living our van. Reporr: Shortly after we packed up and hit the ro the unableleave on their own pulled by from swift water rescue teamsaking it to safety bring what they'd hold on the back these military trucks. My dog woke me up at 5:00 in thmorning. He was wet. So I put my othat much water. Is that when you D to leave? THAs when I grabbed everybody. Reporter: This man an wife lerything. I have this. That's all you got? Re alive a fsomethings can't be replaced. That's just the way it goes. City ofcials toldthey rescued about 15yesterday. They're staying in schools that were converted to shelters. The lt radar estimate shows nearly 30 inches of rain has N jacksonville.e is on the way. Whit. Victooqndo our thanks T you. Joining us now is the mayor of Fayetteville Mitch Colvin. Thanu for Taki the time to to us. We areciate it. Thank you for having me. Arts of fatteville are under maatevacuation. You're expecting historic flooding alonghe cape river. What is E floodinguationnow and what are you expec in the days ahead We're in the midst 5 to 20 inches of rainfall. Areting ourers will rise to levels we haven't seen during last 50 o75. We have significant amounts of creeks and that ING signs of fg. Theses to please they sti have time. Ou acknowledge you can't pple to leave. You're warning that people nd are in ent of. Cey don'tsurvive. How Serie they TAKG at warning We ve people complying. We didn't want people to take this light these situations can change quite pidly. I want to make sure they understood the message loud and CL if you stay, mak re of kin is notified. What choare. If you are in aituation of a lifetening event, helpay no be ailable O not be avble. We've beeseelp and ces sent tth from all over. The federal government, local lunteer grps. Do yyou're prere what's to come? E're almost as prepabe. Some ts anticipated. Rnor Roy cper has be phenomenal making sure thetate is lined up andeady to go I would like to thank the president fo membersf fort brag have been great. The membership andeaders are for. We'll leave the rest in god's S. Mayorvin, thankfokie to speak to us. We wish you the best. The diflt daysad. An Thank you sir. Of the major cons there is the cape fear river. Theyecdouble thed stage. The expectinhistoric this storisnning. President trump hit this ndolences tms of

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{"duration":"5:07","description":"The storm, now a tropical depression, that has caused massive flooding in North Carolina forced a new evacuation order in the city of Fayetteville.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57857410","title":"New mandatory evacuations underway as Florence marches onward","url":"/GMA/News/video/mandatory-evacuations-underway-florence-marches-onward-57857410"}