MLB spring training begins

Baseball is back as the league’s summer camp has officially kicked off.
2:30 | 07/03/20

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Transcript for MLB spring training begins
of July, baseball is back. The MLB's summer camp has officially begun as fans count down to opening day, T.J. Holmes has much more on that. T.J., good morning. Reporter: Good morning, I mean no offense to my brothers in major league baseball, but they can be kind of nasty sometimes with the spitting and licking of the hands and touching the ball and throwing it. It's just nasty. That is not good pandemic hygiene, so in a sport that has so many rules they're adding some new ones before it's time to play pandemic ball. Baseball is back. With spring/summer training under way at stadiums across the country in the midst of a pandemic few players or managers know exactly what to expect. We've never experienced anything like this with temperature checks, there's social distancing of baseball players. Reporter: The league is testing players every other day. The MLB says they'll release the number of tests that come back positive but won't identify the players unless they get consent. Knowledge is power right now. One understanding the process, embracing the process and then, two, responding quickly and honestly for the good of all. Reporter: So how is the league planning to keep the players safe? In addition to rigorous testing, the league will implement temperature checks and per usual there won't be any crying. There's no crying in baseball. Reporter: And now no spitting. The sport once synonymous with chewing tobacco and sunflower seeds is outlawing spitting of any kind. But pitchers will be allowed to carry a small wet rag for moisture instead of licking their fingers. If you could myopically focus on the nine guys on the field and the diamond you'll be fine. Reporter: Basketball fans can also rejoice as the NBA is putting the finishing touches on its closed compound at Disney world. This week each team's court from home shipped and installed in this ballroom. Of course, baseball also synonymous with what? You have to argue the call. You've seen some of the managers run out. Can't do that. You better stay six feet away if you want to make your argument to that umpire because, yes, they will have suspensions and possible fines and you could get kicked out of a game if you argue a call up in somebody's face so social distance even when you're making your point. A lot of rules. We're still talking about the no spitting. That's like as part of the game is peanuts and cracker jacks. Thank you so much. We're following a lot of other headlines here on "Gma." The new details coming in about

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{"duration":"2:30","description":"Baseball is back as the league’s summer camp has officially kicked off.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71593298","title":"MLB spring training begins","url":"/GMA/News/video/mlb-spring-training-begins-71593298"}