NBA players react to team's sexual misconduct allegations

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban also accepted sole responsibility for allowing a staffer to keep his job after two alleged domestic violence incidents.
4:49 | 02/22/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NBA players react to team's sexual misconduct allegations
Dallas mavs owner Mark Cuban accepting sole responsibility. For allowing a staffer to keep his job after two alleged domestic violence incidents. ABC's Brian Smith joins us now Ryan this story is report oil lot bigger than. Just one mass staffer that's right Robin good morning one former employee calling the mavericks organization quota real life animal house a Sports Illustrated report. Saying the corporate culture was ripe with misogyny and predatory sexual behavior are now one former employee. Speaking out. But what she experienced firsthand. This morning a former employee of the Dallas Mavericks be speaking out to Dallas ABC affiliate WFAA. It was her voice altered at her request. It was a lot of harassment. You know I mean the good old boys system don't you have sexual harassment and Cornel. The former employee opening up following a bombshell Sports Illustrated report. Claiming the mavericks organization's front office culture was rife with massaging. And predatory sexual behavior. More than a dozen current and former employees anonymously telling the magazine that the mavericks alleged hostile work environment. Was an open secret. With claims of sexual harassment and domestic violence allegedly being swept under the rug. I'm with sorry you are women that if he can now. Because she is working at the Dallas Mavericks remember incident where women would just a freight. People go to HR to talk about was taken place with him. Overnight the mavericks players who according to this article were not accused of any allegations. Expressed deep concern that was this. Just that we were read the the article really really disappointed that. That our franchise. My friends the stuff that's the flick was going wrong. Mark Cuban teams outspoken owner. Known for his magnetic TV personality on ABC's shark tank there is no market at all that you have right now told the magazine regarding the alleged widespread office culture. This is all new to me I don't have any tolerance for. But on Wednesday accepting sole responsibility. For the decision to keep the team's web reporter Earl Snead on staff. Despite knowing abouts needs involvement in two alleged incidents of domestic violence Cuban telling years PM. He regrets not following up with police and was not aware of what he calls. Gruesome details saying keeping him on staff was a horrible mistake in hindsight. Mark Cuban and owners know her hands on approach a lot of the women we spoke to look mark act look now. He's adamant that he at then. Overnight Cuban announcing he's launching a green. To investigate multiple allegations of inappropriate conduct and harassment by the team's former president Ter dam and a street. Scenes here standing by Cuban at the White House in 2012. After winning on the NBA championship. We earmark it was no wonder you cannot be arbitrator he'd become a focal point of the story. Now us recall the claims and Sports Illustrated quote false and inflammatory he says he is unaware of any sexual harassment complaints. Or claims of inappropriate conduct about him during his nearly twenty years with the organization. Rosty called the claims about him inaccurate. And said he wasn't proud of the relationships described in the report he said he underwent counseling for both but hey you're an attorney. Those two alleged incidents of domestic violence right and the club knew about it but kept a mom who. Are they legally liable in colonel I think they might see some problems here you're talking about whether or not this contributed to a hostile work environment and if you got Condit that's pervasive and severe. But it's causing Hoss hostile environment or abusive situation. And there's a negative effect to it. You could have a situation where employees are filing claims now here what's interesting as well as you have this claim coming up and I guess what's being said now is. I kept him on I didn't want him to be in other places possibly having a kind of behavioral them what happens to the people he organization. And that becomes a problem. Folks who come forward and say hey I'm suffering through this kind of environment I don't know what could happen it's making him comfortable about the NBA and all those flights are just think. So Cuban is doing its own investigation the NBA's taking the position of we're looking at that but keep in mind the NBA can do their own investigation. And they also have two different provisions in their collective bargaining agreement. Where they can. They can find him money that could reach million dollars not only that. If it's in the best interest of the league to penalize there's no other slows in the CBA. He could be looking at draft picks or more millions. Right far from over seems you know we'll see our heroes of the investigation are saying it would probably in history and thank you from.

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{"id":53270274,"title":"NBA players react to team's sexual misconduct allegations ","duration":"4:49","description":"Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban also accepted sole responsibility for allowing a staffer to keep his job after two alleged domestic violence incidents.","url":"/GMA/News/video/nba-players-react-teams-sexual-misconduct-allegations-53270274","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}