Nor'easter causes flooding, school closures

Schools throughout the Northeast are still closed due to the winter storm, and some spots in Boston are reeling from flooding.
2:13 | 03/08/18

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Transcript for Nor'easter causes flooding, school closures
The storm closing down hundreds of schools and leading to those messy commutes. Let's head out to Eva pilgrim. In Boston, where that snow is still coming down very heavy. Reporter: It's a mess. The snow is still falling here in the Boston area and the roads are a mess in some places. At times it's been whiteout conditions, near impossible to see. Just on our drive here this morning, we barely could see how slippery the roads are. We did see plows out. We just saw a plow train go through this area just moments ago. With the snow still falling it quickly recovers the road making it slippery once again. Now, on the neighborhood streets, it's a thicker mess. Because all of that snow and all the rain that happened last night before the snow, so people are being cautious, you'll notice watching these cars behind me they're going a little bit slow and they're a little bit more backed up this morning. People being careful on the road. Being careful. Still a lot of people on the road heading to work. What about to school, are they open or closed today in the Boston area? Lot of the schools here are closed in the Boston area this morning and that's because those neighborhood streets are still needing to be cleared off today. Amy. All right, Eva pilgrim, stay warm out there. As we saw in Eva's report, yeah, snow still falling in some places and another storm is on the way. Rob is tracking it. You can see from Amy's response. When will it end? They'll get a break soon. This storm now spinning in the gulf of Maine. She mentioned the heavy, wet snow blocking the roads. Prts of Vermont and new Hampshire still getting the heavy snow right now. Here's our next system coming through the midsection, Sunday morning. Maybe some severe storms across the deep south. The question is, when this thing approaches the coastline, does it make a turn toward the northeast? It will be a storm one we'll be tracking closely over the weekend. Winter is hanging on. Washington now, multiple new

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{"id":53603261,"title":"Nor'easter causes flooding, school closures","duration":"2:13","description":"Schools throughout the Northeast are still closed due to the winter storm, and some spots in Boston are reeling from flooding.","url":"/GMA/News/video/noreaster-flooding-school-closures-53603261","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}