Northeast braces for 4th nor'easter in 3 weeks

Thousands of flights are canceled and schools are closed in multiple states as the storm is expected to bring nearly a foot of snow to some parts of the Northeast.
3:12 | 03/21/18

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Transcript for Northeast braces for 4th nor'easter in 3 weeks
Now to the nor'easter that is hitting bringing a foot of snow to some areas. More than 3,000 flights have been canceled so far and schools shut down in at least six states. We have team coverage up and down the east coast. Rob is starting us off right here in times square and as we came on the air it began to snow. It certainly did, robin. Here we go. The fourth nor'easter in less than four weeks, the last time we did that was 30 years ago, the difference is that was the middle of winter. This is how we're celebrating the first full day of spring and this is what they did as spring arrived in parts of Pennsylvania, just outside of Philadelphia, near Lancaster, snow on the roads there piling up in Frederick, Maryland, also snow on cars in parking lots and have had already over six inches of snow fallen in several states including Kentucky where Louisville to Cincinnati, you're still under a winter storm warning and advisories down to Su Durham, North Carolina and up into Maine. Look at this huge spinning snow area. That is the area of low pressure at the upper levels of the at moss freer sprawling out. The low hasn't even developed so sleet and rain mixing in. That core cold will be drifting over the area into the northeast this afternoon when the heaviest snows will fall and think some of the heaviest will fall in Philadelphia. For that we go to ABC's whit Johnson who is live for us this morning. Good morning, whit. Reporter: Rob, good morning to you. We're in a little bit of a lull right now but overnight the conditions, we had snow mix. It was this uncomfortable icy slush that you can see. It's hard to even cut into. Crunchy when you walk on it, incredibly dangerous driving conditions. People are bracing here for what could be the worst storm of the season in Philadelphia. Overnight, sleet, snow and rain slamming the northeast. As the fourth nor'easter in just three weeks wreaks havoc across 15 states. The longest winter of anybody's life. Reporter: Even though spring has officially begun scenes like these tell a different story. The slick icy roads causing multiple car accidents in Pennsylvania to Maryland including this violent collision in Carroll county that left one person dead. We've had, I think, our share of the cold weather for this season. Reporter: New Jersey declaring a state of emergency while in New York the mayor closing all city schools. And everybody, get ready because we got some very unpredictable weather about to hit us. Reporter: Down south a recovery effort now under way following multiple tornadoes that left devastating damage to communities. You could hear, pop, pow, pow, pow, pow. At that moment my wife and I realized our lives could have been taken away from us. Reporter: This Atlanta neighborhood, some homes were left shredded. Roofs completely torn off. And one of the major concerns, take a look at these trees, they're worried go the more than foot of snow expected to fall. It's that wet, heavy snow capable of bringing down limbs and power lines. People here are sick of it by the way, the fourth nor'easter and it's only expected to get worse throughout the day. Michael. I tell you what, whit, I think everybody is sick of it at this point and the roads out

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{"id":53897926,"title":"Northeast braces for 4th nor'easter in 3 weeks","duration":"3:12","description":"Thousands of flights are canceled and schools are closed in multiple states as the storm is expected to bring nearly a foot of snow to some parts of the Northeast. ","url":"/GMA/News/video/northeast-braces-4th-noreaster-weeks-53897926","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}