Mike Pence's chief of staff, 4 others test positive for COVID-19

At least five people in the vice president's inner circle have contracted the virus in recent days, including his chief of staff Marc Short and body man Zach Bauer.
3:56 | 10/26/20

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Transcript for Mike Pence's chief of staff, 4 others test positive for COVID-19
for later in the program. Delayed for right now. New covid outbreaks hitting the white house, at least five ople and vice presiden Mike pence's circle testing positive including his chief of staff. Cecilia Vega starts us off. Good morning, Cecilia. Reporter: Good morning to you. Here we are with just over a week to go until election day and now we are talking about yet again another outbreak of the virus inside the white house. This one in the office of the very person who runs the coronavirus task force. Vice president Mike pence center stage on the campaign trail in North Carolina is trump country. Reporter: This despite having E E contact with aides who tested positive. At least five people in his inner circle contracting the coronavirus in recent days. His chief of staff Marc short who was with the vice president on every campaign stop last week including Friday night at a rally in Ohio. Short now in isolation and experiencing symptoms. Pence's body man, a personal since who accompanies him virtually everywhere, a political aide who recently traveled with him air force 2 along with other staffers. Ignoring the pressing question. Why are you still traveling and holding campaign events when people close to you have covid? Reporter: His campaign scheam packed with planned trips to Minnesota, south Carolina and back to north Carolina, but CDC guidelines call for a 14-day quarantine after exposure to the virus, a esman saying pence will continue to travel as planned, quote, in accordance with the CDC guidelines for ee sex personnel. Critics say campaigning for office does not qualify as essential. Sources telling ABC news the president's chief of staff wanted to keep the outbreak on pence's team from becoming public. Mark meadows now says that was because of privacy concerns. Sharing personal information is not something that we should do. Reporter: Following the two largest daily case increases of the pandemic, meadows also says the U.S. Will not get the virus under control. We're not going to control the pandemic. We are going to control T fact that we get vaccine, they are -- therapeutics -- Why aren't we going to get it under control. Reporter: The add waving the white flag of defeat and it's sadly no surprise that this virus continues unchecked across the country. This as president trump is on a campaign trail blitz. We're rounding the turn. Even without the vaccines, we're rounding the turn. It's going to be over. Reporter: Continuing to downplay the alarming rise in cases even as the virus hit his own white house once again. Now, the white house says that the vice president and his wife both tested negative for the virus on Saturday and again on Sunday but the big question this morning is whether Mike pence will head to capitol hill for Amy coney Barrett to head on to the supreme court. A historic change sealing a conservative majority for potentially years to come. Mike pence said he would not miss it for the world but they're pushing back on his attendance saying this puts everyone there on capitol hill at risk and sets a horribly bad example. The white house, some word that the white house thinking about having an event at the white house tonight if indeed she is confirmed. We remember all nomination in the rose garden a few weeks back, at least 12eople contracted the coronavirus there. Reporter: It's exactly that. The white house says they are potentially planning for this, what would be a ceremonial swearing in as early as this evening and would take P outdoors perhaps in the rose garden. You said it, it's like a deja Vu event where president trump announced her as his pick, more than a dozen people at that event contractg the virus, George. Cecilia Vega, thanks very much.

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{"duration":"3:56","description":"At least five people in the vice president's inner circle have contracted the virus in recent days, including his chief of staff Marc Short and body man Zach Bauer.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73830768","title":"Mike Pence's chief of staff, 4 others test positive for COVID-19","url":"/GMA/News/video/pences-staffers-test-positive-covid-19-73830768"}