Pharmacists refuse to fill woman’s prescription

Woman files lawsuit against drugstores after two different pharmacists refused to prescribe the morning-after pill to her.
2:11 | 12/14/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pharmacists refuse to fill woman’s prescription
A woman says two different pharmacists refused to fill her prescription because it allegedly went against their beliefs. Now there is a lawsuit. This morning, a woman taking pharmacy giant CVS to court alleging that she was denied the morning after pill when she needed it. I had never in my nearly 40 years of life had to use emergency contraception. An dree anderson, a Minnesota mom of five and licensed foster parent says after her birth control failed she reached out to her doctor for a prescription for the emergency contraception. You have five days to take it and so the clock was ticking. Reporter: When she went to thrifty white pharmacy, the only pharmacy in her town, she claims the pharmacist wouldn't help her based on his beliefs. He just kept saying I don't feel comfortable. That goes against what I believe. And I -- all of a sudden it clicked and I went, what? Reporter: Anderson says she went to a nearby CVS and alleges she was again turned away. I couldn't believe that something like that was happening. Reporter: Finally Anderson was able to get her prescription filled but only after having to drive more than 50 miles in freezing weather and a Minnesota snowstorm. Now Anderson and her lawyers allege these pharmacists violated the Minnesota human rights act by discriminating her on the basis of sex. No matter the personal beliefs of your health care providers you should get health care. Reporter: The thifty white pharmacy telling us the pharmacist in question no longer works there and they are happy to fill any prescriptions brought into the pharmacy, and CVS telling ABC news, they are committed to providing access to emergency contraception and that they will review and investigate the allegations made in the complaint. And thrifty white does add these decisions are not the employer's choice saying under Minnesota law the pharmacist in charge has the right to refuse to fill a prescription and in this particular case they say the employee suggested where to go and by doing that he was following what he understood to be the law. They can refuse to fill any prescription at all?

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{"duration":"2:11","description":"Woman files lawsuit against drugstores after two different pharmacists refused to prescribe the morning-after pill to her.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67732958","title":"Pharmacists refuse to fill woman’s prescription","url":"/GMA/News/video/pharmacists-refuse-fill-womans-prescription-67732958"}