Pittsburgh residents react to shooting at synagogue

Neighbors who live across the street from the synagogue describe what they saw.
4:25 | 10/28/18

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Transcript for Pittsburgh residents react to shooting at synagogue
people coming together. Among the witnesses to this attack, a couple from this neighborhood who were standing in their front yard right across the street from that synagogue. I spoke with Kim and Ken harden moments earlier. You live right across the street. We do. You can see the synagogue from your front porch. You were here with a couple of your kids. Kim, tell me first, when did you first know something was wrong? I was just getting ready for the day. I heard the gunfire, what sounded like a semi-automatic weapon. I hollered down to Ken. He thought it might be construction. By the time I got downstairs and started to get my kids downstairs there were already police officers on the scene. They were starting to draw their guns. I got everybody down into the basement. Ken, this was a quick response. Within minutes officers were here with guns drawn. Within minutes. I heard five shots and then three shots. Within minutes police started to arrive. Police started to park in front of our house. They were shielding themselves with our car. We realized situation was pretty serious. Kim, you had two kids here and a friend in the home as this is playing out. What's going through your mind as you're thinking about protecting them? Just to keep them safe. I locked our doors. I got them downstairs. Away from windows. It was a scary sound hearing that semi-automatic. Continue to happen. At that time I didn't know it was at the synagogue. I thought it was maybe a random shooter on the street. Their safety was my first priority. How are the kids responding to all this as you're rushing them down into the basement? I think unbelief really. This is not a neighborhood where this happens. I think they understood the urgency. We all just went downstairs and said prayers and hoped for the best. They were very serious and very quiet. Ken, I understand you shot some video on your cell phone and you were helping the officers. What did you do? About the time Kim went to the basement with the kids, five police officers appeared at our back door. I let them in. They advised they were going do use our second floor. The five police officers went upstairs and asked that I open the windows in our bedroom and obtain a chest high dresser. I found one in my son's room. The police officer and I took the awers out and they perched their rifles on top of the dresser toward the synagogue. They actually used your home as a perch to be able to take out the gunman? Yes. Did you see anybody get shot? We did see shooting taking place. Our youngest son said he saw a police officer get shot. I don't know whether or not he did. It was certainly traumatic for a 10-year-old to see police with so many weapons and to hear the gunfire. What do you tell your 10-year-old son when he says he saw an officer get shot? We just prayed. We just went downstairs and prayed for the victims. By that time we knew we weren't in danger. It was our neighbors in danger. We have so many friends of so many faiths in this community. It's a very diverse community. He has so many jewish friends. His concern was for his friends at that time. They say the gunman was inside the building for 20 minutes. How long did that feel like for you? It must have felt like an eternity. It felt like a couple hours at least. It was -- just seemed nonending. One more question I want to ask you quickly. How does this community respond to such a tragedy. Well, I think given that it's such an accepting community, the fact that it could happen here means it could happen anywhere. Last night they had a prayer service outside the church. I listened to the rabbi. He asked that people remain positive and continue to love. And to show that good overcomes evil. They have a positive approach to this. A strong message. Yes. Kim, Ken, we're so glad you're safe. Thank you for joining us. We appreciate it. Thank you. Thank you for coming. Ken and Kim are still shaken this morning. Once again our thanks to them. For more on the suspect and

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{"duration":"4:25","description":"Neighbors who live across the street from the synagogue describe what they saw. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58803244","title":"Pittsburgh residents react to shooting at synagogue ","url":"/GMA/News/video/pittsburgh-residents-react-shooting-synagogue-58803244"}