President Trump, Michael Cohen's contradicting claims

ABC News' chief White House correspondent Jon Karl and chief legal analyst Dan Abrams weigh in on Cohen's claims and President Trump's reaction.
2:37 | 12/14/18

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Transcript for President Trump, Michael Cohen's contradicting claims
I W to bring I Dan Abrams on the payments.he next H we'll talk about rsias well but, Dan, you sehere rightowou have completetrs between what he's saying abouthe pats a what president trump is say Abo payment. Tost import thing he said there is a substantial information that they ess, meaning the prosecutors the fact I am tellinguth. That's the big question, what else do they ve? When Michael Cohen is saying they have a substtial aunt of information that corroborates S telli the trust that's got T make the tmp team very, verynervous. They are other coong agements. That's the other thing I think one of the most important points in this interview we is sayinghat thdeal to pay offaren Mcdougal was madeec between ld trump a effectively David pecker from Ami. So, now you haveid pecker and amingn this investigation. You've got Michael Cohen saying, J review the legal documes. Being a crital against Donald trheuestion is what to suppopecker account? This is very dangerous commentary comingrom mic con if what he is saying can verified. Let's bring I Jon Karl at the white house. Home a death match now between the president and Michael Cohen. Reporteand, orge, you just cannot empsize enough how mu of a fe defender Michael Cohen was of Donald Trump over the years and, remember, his office wasre onheth floor of tower about 20 feet from dd ump's office. This is as loyal -- we call him the fixer but this is asoyal an individual as trump ever had work for him a the loyalty sn'teturned and now to see th back and forth is jus role It's also stunning to see the shift indeanor. This was the president's pit bull. His Atta dog,he guy who recorded phone call who did the dirty work andhe preside says what you see nowsot you're really getting. S this is all act. People have to mp T minds. I spent anul T with Michael Cohen for a L nd as I said people have toe up their minds. I thinkhas been on something of a journe'll showore in our next half hour Abo- he admitted roo it there he knows W he's done wrong about how he in make amends. Cannot wait tethat, George.

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{"duration":"2:37","description":"ABC News' chief White House correspondent Jon Karl and chief legal analyst Dan Abrams weigh in on Cohen's claims and President Trump's reaction.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59817106","title":"President Trump, Michael Cohen's contradicting claims","url":"/GMA/News/video/president-trump-michael-cohens-contradicting-claims-59817106"}