Protests sweep the nation as many condemn violence

Protests continued from coast to coast in the wake of George Floyd's death as many protesters marched for peace and condemned violence and destruction.
3:57 | 06/02/20

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Transcript for Protests sweep the nation as many condemn violence
Now to more of the protests sweeping the nation. Many of them were peaceful. We have to keep that in mind peaceful during the day but chaos broke out after dark in many cities across the country and Eva pilgrim joins us from Minneapolis with the very latest. Good morning, Eva. Reporter: Good morning, you can see the destruction here behind me. But I want to show you what was painted on this building. This mural that was here before all this, it taste stop violence and that is the call from so many this morning. Overnight, protests from coast to coast, the seventh night of protests following the death of George Floyd. In St. Louis a night of destruction, buildings on fire, four police officers shot during a face-off with a late night crowd trying to storm police headquarters. Some coward fired shots at officers and now we have four in the hospital but thankfully and thank god. Reporter: Riots breaking out after hours of peaceful protesting, the crowd trying to break through barricades pushing through a police precinct throwing rocks and bottles. An officer shot in the head overnight right on the Vegas strip near circus circus, another shot downtown near the federal courthouse. In Buffalo, a terrifying scene after two officers were hit by a vehicle at the scene of a protest leaving at least one in serious condition. Officials saying the driver was not deliberately targeting law enforcement. In New York City, thousands marched down the streets in a largely peaceful protest. The highest ranking uniformed member of the NYPD taking a knee with those gathered in Washington square park. Let New York show the country how this is done. Reporter: But looting attempts began later in the night as governor Cuomo's newly announced 11:00 P.M. Citywide curfew approached. Mayhem breaking out on fifth avenue as our Stephanie Ramos reported live. Things are getting wild here at Rockefeller center here in New York City. It's bad. We're feeding it laugh. Reporter: Overnight the mother of David Mcatee shot dead by law enforcement trying to enforce curfew during protests speaking out. When a mother loses a child, a piece of you goes along right with their child. Reporter: Investigation into the situation revealed the officers involved did not have their body cameras activated when the shooting occurred. The city's mayor lashing out. This type of institutional failure will not be tolerated. Reporter: Earlier in the day across the country, thousands peacefully marching. Many determined to stay focused and have their voices and messages heard. Many pointing out that they are not the ones damaging property and that the fires and destruction are taking away from their message of change. I don't agree with all of the foolishness that's been going on but this is years and generations and decades and centuries of compounded racism and it's like how much can we take? Reporter: Many police and protesters trying to come one member of the Minnesota National Guard kneeling outside with protesters even embracing with some of those gathered outside afterwards. In Denver, hundreds of volunteers picking up trash and washing away graffiti from the previous day's protests. The police chief seen wiping away tears. He tells us while the damage done to his city hurt him he made a commitment to a young black protester to March with him and others. I committed that I would March with them, I would stand with them and I would do the hard work with him moving forward because this is not acceptable. Reporter: And overnight we saw several members of a community watch. This neighborhood has organized it. They are walking through the night to make sure the fires aren't reset and more businesses aren't destroyed. Amy. All right. Eva, thank you so much.

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{"duration":"3:57","description":"Protests continued from coast to coast in the wake of George Floyd's death as many protesters marched for peace and condemned violence and destruction. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71015162","title":"Protests sweep the nation as many condemn violence","url":"/GMA/News/video/protests-sweep-nation-condemn-violence-71015162"}