Rescuer describes saving crew on capsized ship

Sylvia Tervoort, a salvage master, worked with the Coast Guard to save all four crew members trapped inside the Golden Ray off the coast of Georgia.
5:44 | 09/10/19

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Transcript for Rescuer describes saving crew on capsized ship
great news to begin with. The new details this morning about those dramatic rescues off the coast of Georgia. The four remaining crew members trapped for more than 30 hours in a capsized cargo ship finally pulled to safety. Kaylee Hartung starts us off on the scene in Georgia with the very latest. Good morning, Kaylee. Reporter: Good morning, robin. This is a remarkable story of heroics by the four men who survived and the rescue crews who freed them. This is the exposed hull of the gianthip behind me where those rescue crews had to cut a hole to make a path to freedom for the crew members. This morning a rescue caught on tape capturing the moment the final crew member trapped inside the "Golden ray" makes his way out of the hull. Rescue workers applauding as he emerges. That man seen here joyously walking off the boat after spending nearly 36 hours trapped in the ship's control room alone with no access to fresh water or food. The commander on the scene thanking his team. The best day of my career because you guys did that. Reporter: All four crew members trapped inside the Goodell safe after the massive cargo ship capsized off the coast of Georgia and erupted into flames. The four men surviving a battle of life and death dueling with sweltering temperatures topping what felt like 140 degrees now finally on dry land walking around smiling. Salvage crews navigating dangerous conditions to find three men trapped below deck near the propellers first making a three-inch hole in let fresh air in passing them food and water and widening it by two feet by two feet and two hours later the fourth trapped crew member finally freed. The coast guard reporting they heard tapping throughout the night alerting them to where they should concentrate their retrieval efforts. After working through the night to rescue the crew members darn Their condition is relatively good after closing close to 34 or 35 hours in the conditions they were in and they are being treated by emergency medical services. They were subject to some pretty tough conditions. Reporter: A happy ending to a harrowing ordeal. The rescue crew posing atop the inverted vessel after a successful mission. Now that the crew is safely off this ship, the U.S. Coast guard will oversee the mission to safely remove this giant vessel from a busy port. That could take months. In the meantime, a serious problem is developing here as our boat made its way out here we drove through pools of oil. This isn't just a shipping community but a fishing community and these are fragile wetlands and the longer it stays out here the greater the environmental impact. Thank you. Joining us now is salvage master Sylvia tervoort would worked with the coast guard to save those crew members. Good morning to you and do you have any idea of the condition of the four men? The condition, they are doing well at the moment. They were really exhausted when they came out yesterday. They have been in very awkward, difficult circumstances. It has been dark for more than 36 hours. The humidity was really high and then at the end the atmosphere, there was a combination, of course, of air, some fuel in the engine room compartment where they were kept and the temperature was up to 150 fahrenheit. Can you tell us the emotions when the final man was pulled and you knew that he was safe? Everybody was so happy and, you know, I have even heard people talking about tears and all the emotions going on. No, they were really, really excited. I mean the first three out but getting the fourth out was an additional challenge. Talk about the fourth one. That was really -- I mean, it was precarious throughout but that one in particular was very frightening. The first three by tapping they found the crew and they located them. They had drilled a hole in the ship's hull but just the three were close by but the fourth one, they had to go through the engine room in the dark with -- we had I think over 24 people on rotation going in, going out in the circumstances that I just described to get to the lost person who was kept in the engine control room and had to take out the glass, get it broken, open that space for him to take out the last man. As you said this was over 30 hours that all of this was going on. The coast guard was able to free the first 20 men but then when they couldn't get to the last four in their rescue efforts they call in your group and I understand this isn't work that you normally do. Our normal operation would be salvage cargo, prevention of pollution, prevention of the environment from any pollution, from any casualty but the search and rescue operation is normally done by the authorities, the rescue teams which we are normally not part of. Amazing. A total -- a true and total team effort. Well, we are thrilled beyond belief that these four men are now safe and those that put their life on the line to save other, incredible. Sylvia, thank you very, very much. Please give our best to all. No problem. Thank you very much. I love it. No problem. No problem. Glad they're all safe and that they're doing as well as they are. Teamwork like you said.

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{"duration":"5:44","description":"Sylvia Tervoort, a salvage master, worked with the Coast Guard to save all four crew members trapped inside the Golden Ray off the coast of Georgia.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65505250","title":"Rescuer describes saving crew on capsized ship","url":"/GMA/News/video/rescuer-describes-saving-crew-capsized-ship-65505250"}