Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand shares advice for women newly elected to Congress

The Senator from New York has some words of wisdom.
2:55 | 11/13/18

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Transcript for Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand shares advice for women newly elected to Congress
It you're going to be a great community organizer and a great representative you have to start with listening. What would be seen and it's about making sure that our voices. Our herd we organize people will really win hearts and minds and will impact what happens. Team owners first piece of advice I would give is all your hearts and bring passion that got elected to Washington. To make things better for people I rise to speak about the humanitarian crisis happening right now. In our country at the port can't wait to meet with a lot of these new young congress members and talked about. Their vision for the country and how they can fight and how they can get things done. At a real opportunity to elevate the voices of the people they rep percent from their district or from their state. When I first got elected and with it serving in the US senate what are the bells as trying to pass the island and help. Dump button that sends out consenting hear from this body. This esteemed body as we cannot help those who came to our best Q I didn't know how to pass it because. I don't know how to get my colleagues to care and so I went to one of my colleagues Mary Landrieu would just helped her state of Louisiana recover from hurricane Katrina and ask how did you. Elevate their voices how did you get things done for the families that suffered so much and that hurt cape. And she several first volume have to tell people why you care and and elevate those stories and now is the best advice I could have ever been given. Understanding what your constituents need it what their biggest issues are what they care most about their fears are what they're worried about and then you need to translate that into policy to. Actually could help them I'm. It's really about taking all that you learned from the grassroots and then bringing its street to Washington and then working with their colleagues to find that common ground. Find a consensus to actually. Make it happen. Plus sending that I will give. Lockhart bot to. I do you think it's a moral question right now and I think based on my faith in my belief that all of last are called to. Try to do what's right to help others to restore. What's right about this country and that means fighting for it so I mean think about it. We're going to be celebrating them. Hundred year anniversary of that right to vote for women in twenty planes self. I want to write the book says tell people about these women's lives and how courageous they Wear and what they did to make a difference from Alaska's we really. Stand on their shoulders today. Hopefully these young girls and boys you read my book will realize. They are the suffragists and today it's really up to them it's their voices they are the future and so what ever disturbs that would ever bothers that what ever they want fixed. They're the ones to fix it.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"The Senator from New York has some words of wisdom.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59153943","title":"Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand shares advice for women newly elected to Congress","url":"/GMA/News/video/sen-kirsten-gillibrand-shares-advice-women-newly-elected-59153943"}