Severe weather sweeps across country

Nearly all 50 states were hit with bad weather, including flash floods in Hawaii and snow in the Southeast.
2:39 | 12/29/18

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Transcript for Severe weather sweeps across country
Let's start with the stormy weather for much of this country with millions of Americans out there traveling. A storm that brought rain and snow to the east is heading out to sea this morning but only after wreaking havoc on the roads. Look at this floating camper in North Carolina where they got more than 6 inches of rain. Amazing video and there's more to come. This morning our weather team is watching two storm systems that will team up and bring more unsettled weather as we head into new year's eve. One of the storms already bringing heavy snow to the southwest. Check out this flipped over pickup truck in New Mexico where they got up to 30 inches of snow. Let's kick things off with rob Marciano. Rob, good morning to you. Yes, good morning, Dan. A busy weather week. This storm started Christmas eve on the west coast and made its way all the way across the country and really going from the Canadian border all the way down through Mexico. So there was no way avoiding this and yesterday it made its final push through the east coast. Overnight, torrential rain and severe storms rocking the east coast. Record rain drenching parts of the south. Oh, my god. Take a look at this dramatic cell video capturing this SUV sinking in floodwaters in North Carolina after authorities say the driver drove around a safety barrier. He's still in the car. He gonna drown. Reporter: Moments later a bystanding diving into the water rushing to help save the driver then making a death-defying escape through the back of the vehicle walking to safety. My god. Reporter: Also in north Carolina, emergency crews quickly responding to calls for help rescuing this woman trapped inside her vehicle. In new England, icy conditions wreaking havoc on the roads. This semi truck crashing causing a huge backup on this new Hampshire interstate forcing it to shut down. And this was the scene out of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Blizzard warnings up for blowing snow. The storm dumping up to 30 inches on parts of the state. And in Hawaii, flash flooding from over a half a foot of rain there. Muddy water and debris pouring down the mountainside right onto the busy highway. There you go, nearly all 50 states getting in on the act and we got a couple of systems now heading towards the west coast and will combine as we mentioned. High wind alerts across the northern rockies, winter weather advisories across the cascades. And we had that blizzard warning across parts of Albuquerque with the winds ripping through canyons there will combine with the pacific northwest storm over the next couple of days, and by the time we get towards new year's eve a rain event through the Ohio river valley and maybe little bit of snow across parts of the great Lakes but a wet evening in times square. More on that later in the broadcast. Everybody watching for that forecast for sure.

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{"duration":"2:39","description":"Nearly all 50 states were hit with bad weather, including flash floods in Hawaii and snow in the Southeast.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60064468","title":"Severe weather sweeps across country","url":"/GMA/News/video/severe-weather-sweeps-country-60064468"}