Sex crime charges dropped against Kevin Spacey

Massachusetts prosecutors decided to drop all charges over his alleged encounter with an 18-year-old who'd accused the actor of sexual assault.
4:32 | 07/18/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sex crime charges dropped against Kevin Spacey
We begin with the collapse of the sexual assault case against Kevin spacey. Massachusetts prosecutors decided to drop all charges over his encounter with a teen in a nantucket bar and linsey Davis has the story. Reporter: Good morning. To say that this is significant is certainly an understatement. Rewind to 2017 when the two-time Oscar winner was one of the biggest names embroiled in the me too movement. This was the lone criminal charge and now it's been dropped. According to the D.A. Due to an unavailability of the complaining witness. The bombshell decision late Wednesday by Massachusetts prosecutors to drop the sex crime charge against Kevin spacey came after the case began to unravel in court last week. You didn't go to the police the next day. No. The next whack. No. The next month. You didn't even go within the next year, did you? I don't believe see. Reporter: Stunning blow to the prosecution after the man accusing spacey of sexual assault initially answered questions and then started invoking his fifth amendment rights during a line of questioning about if he knew it was illegal to delete text messages before turning his cell phone over to police as evidence. He is the sole witness to establish the circumstances of his allegation on the night in question. This case needs to be dismissed and I believe it needs to be dismissed today. Reporter: According to the D.A. In a private discussion the witness later elected not to waive his rights under the fifth achldment going forward but then there were concerns about granting him immunity calling his credibility into question and making prosecution more further complicating the case his phone is missing, the same phone his mother deleted certain messages from before turning it over to police. I deleted a few things, there were just a couple of things that concerned me. Reporter: The accuser was 18 years old at the time when he says the Oscar winner groped hip at a piano bar in 2016. Spacey has long denied any wrongdoing. The same day the charge was announced he tweeted this cryptic video apparently in character as frank Underwood. I'm certainly not going to pay the price for the things I didn't do. Reporter: Spacey's troubles may not be over just yet. There were reports he was interviewing involving six allegations and we reached out to spacey but did not hear back. Let's bring in Dan Abrams. Boy, you see the accuser up there on the stand taking his fifth amendment, end of case. Those of us who have been following the case are not at all surprised that this case has now been dropped. There have been ongoing issues with this case. A lot of them centering around that phone that he had with him. It's a critical piece of evidence but from the defense perspective, they're saying we need what was on that phone. We need to know what he was saying that night in order to be able to better present a defense that this wasn't an assault. And the fact that they don't have the phone, the fact that -- That data was deleted. Data deleted from the phone immediately posed questions. But when you have the accuser taking the fifth when asked did you know it's a crime to delete these kind of messages when it's potential evidence in the case then right there you've got to say to yourself this case is this trouble. How does a case get this far with that kind of hole in it. It's a good question and I think the minute they brought a civil case and then dropped it a week later, you knew there were major problems with this case. Look, I think that they didn't realize how significant this piece of evidence was going to be. The phone. And how much focus there was going to be on it but you're right of the there is no explanation and it seems the investigators and the family here were at odds in certain ways meaning the investigators say we returned the phone to the father. The father saying I don't remember getting the phone. Questions about when was the initial report made, et cetera so you've had this -- they have not been working well in harmony here, the investigators and the family and I think that has been part of the reason that this case ultimately was dismissed. Kevin spacey not out of trouble yet. Not necessarily. We don't know exactly what's happening in this investigation in England. There had been a place he worked which said here's an anonymous email address. If you have any complaints about him please let us know. They got a lot of reports from people and now you have investigation going on in England. We'll see what happens. Dan Abrams, thanks very much.

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{"duration":"4:32","description":"Massachusetts prosecutors decided to drop all charges over his alleged encounter with an 18-year-old who'd accused the actor of sexual assault.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64410536","title":"Sex crime charges dropped against Kevin Spacey","url":"/GMA/News/video/sex-crime-charges-dropped-kevin-spacey-64410536"}