'Suicidal' airline mechanic steals empty passenger plane, then crashes

The employee at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport was chased in the air by military jets before crashing on a small island in the Puget Sound.
8:40 | 08/11/18

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Transcript for 'Suicidal' airline mechanic steals empty passenger plane, then crashes
we want take a lot the wild video. An airline employee steals a san proc stunts bere crashing. Just incredibl video. Capturinneuvers do Rollin. Eywis shocked at what they were seeing. They didn't know T man's motive. Jets sent out. There wereoncernss be related. That plane went down on a nearby Ian erielle ef has allhe te. Theit of that empty prop plane. Air traffic control desperang Ying T ce him out Y. They S plane in E ai about an hour before it Rorter: This morning dramatic video after authorities say anline emploe stole this pla, bypassincurity akoff. Are you sure he's not going to H us? Rorter: Tild scene unfolding STE -- Friday night at sea Tacoma airport. Officials say it started around P.M. Local ti a 29-yr-old hon getting into the cockpit of an emptplane. [ Ble Oh, M god. What is happening? Ter: Peopl T capturing the ight's every move. It made loops, rolled in the sky ged towardhe water. It went sght down. I was like to ash.whppening? It was rll fighter jets from Portland to inrp plane as air fic contr kept contact withe Ying toel him land. I've got a lot of people that about me.it's going to disappoint them to hear I his. Would like apologize to ch and eveone of the Reporr: The manlying fo more tn hour doing stunts. Everything is peachy. Did a LE iful. I think I have gas to chk out theolympi Jus did a Rorntuallyshing on keton island mployee did not survive. Officials say his lack ofkills caused the plane to go . Wouldn't know how tnd I wasn't planning on landing. Reporter: The spectacle shutting down the airport. Causing delays, halting partures, using flight divert. Wnded and we sittin line just waiting. D to belie no one on the was hurt.o of alaskairlines saying his company is working hothey investigate how this could have ppened. Leased a statement Ying they' looking io the dethere does not appto be any with mental health. It's hrtre to hear that exchange between and air traffic control. He seem casual AUT the wholg. Tering. He talks about flying the plane and layed video games past and ows how to do is and we some. It just horric thank yourielle. I spoke with J Waldron. He's an eye wine the captured it on his phone. John, thank you for joining us. Is a busy ait's closeo ort. You're used to seeing T the sky. DW there wa someing different about what you were seeing? It was E fact there follis little in engine turbo prop around. I saw thghters bed . I starterolling the Ta T you calleit a turbo prop. It was a Cher commercial pl it W a q-400. It seats 76 passengers. How bizas it to se doin As I'm recording this, all of a sudden this littlebo prop pulle stick ba or the Yo thing up in the air. I ought he wasstall ancrash. This inog to be good. He recovered. I was actually getting ready to thw my phoneown and run for the lls. Wasn't surwhat wasoing to that's when I --rything broke Loe. I saw a plof smoke.quof flame and then E sound of the exon reached where we were at. My heart just sank.ght oh, my god. I think that plane went do M what youaw, did he lo lerienced pilot? Did he look like he knew what he was doing? Be I startedoing theeo that it looked like he was on final approach to the ma airport. Looked lhe didn't have a lot of flight experience or just ant pilot, ybe practicing for an air show. It was definy bizarre. Wasn'tnything I planned ee Toni th's for sure. I can imagine. John're gratefor your time and grateful you shared your video. This ane employedid lose his LI. Moing. You're very welcome. Thank you for having me on Y Hthas trying to land then hearts sank when they saw the smoke. So terrifng for T witnesses. We want to bring in retire loganyard. Steve, thanks going us and giving us som perec this they're saying it was an employee of the airline he was somehow a toet I cockpit a plane and take off. Big question, how can soke this happnot Ju fm a security standpoint, but the fact he was able maneuver tircraft? Hwas an airline employee. He was walking around D his Jo his J was to be around ai he wouldhave raiseany SP ifwanted to what he attempt, to do thisobng say whatreng when he his normalob. When you get in airplane, no keys going the ignition. If you can get into the locked fronor and youan teach urhich you can, T fly tane or howo start the airplane, there's no uldn't havtaken of We see the f-15 jets taking off. Are they Ying to don at what point is shooting the plane downn This is particularly important after 9/11. 9/11 they had the S where they had to consider shooting down an airliner. The gs are out of Portland. This is the national guareyned to do this. The gone thrgh. They know the legal boundaries. Thisective call. Ashis went O they cohear at this guwas not thing to the spa needle.e was a lastyride. Roed that. And make sure they talked to him and trtok him into unpopulated areas. Sit's a judent C for the air forceil Just toiggy back off whitpoint. Isn't itrisome that this couldappen so easily? How do wereventomething this happening again? This is something he really O do. He practic. The separate home mputer flit programsor this particular airplane. And learned how start. 9.99 and Y can learnow to and manipute the controls of almost any airplane heaks into T cnows where the electrical switches are. Knows how on this PC game to start it off. Heff. Eard he Hano intenti of laing. He G what he wanted. Unfortunately it's a sad end to his life. Der if the were ring sign U wonderf any of his rsoticed anything strange? Absolutely. A big wake up call fhe jury. Stevegaard, thank Y

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{"duration":"8:40","description":"The employee at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport was chased in the air by military jets before crashing on a small island in the Puget Sound.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57142156","title":"'Suicidal' airline mechanic steals empty passenger plane, then crashes","url":"/GMA/News/video/suicidal-airline-mechanic-steals-empty-passenger-plane-crashes-57142156"}