New technology helps civilians catch car thieves

Owl is a new security device that has both inward and outward facing cameras and will alert a car owner the moment a vehicle is hit.
3:29 | 03/20/19

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Transcript for New technology helps civilians catch car thieves
Back now with a security device that can help you kachkar thieves in the ago. One and a half player used it and "Nightline's" juju Chang has the story. Reporter: High-tech companies are trying to stop it and they can catch thieves on your doorstep but how do you catch a car thief? The way Alex armah H of the panthers did it will blow your mind. This is an attempted robbery in progress. This dodge charger, the pride and joy of Carolina panthers fullback Alex armah H but he had recently bought a new security device and watched in realtime as a stranger broke into his car. I see someone in my car and that's when the gentleman starts running. And you ran out. Book it. Reporter: As one whose job it is to bowl people over. This is armah. I grabbed him and threw him out here. He comes this way. In between these two cars. He's making a run for split he's making a run for it. Reporter: Restraining him with a wrestling move called the arm bar captured on Alex's cell phone filmed by his building's concierge. Quit trying to fight, sir. Reporter: It goes without saying but police warn never try to apprehend a suspect yourself. Stop trying to fight it, dog. Reporter: He was charged with breaking and entering into a motor vehicle. He was released on bond and is due in court later this month. That video now evidence. We have the guy's picture. We have what he was doing in my car so it's really undisputed. Literally caught red-handed. All of it captured on an owl car cam. Like similar camera on the market it has inward and outward facing cameras and will alert your phone if your vehicle is hit or broken into, even when you're not around. It's already been used to capture break-ins and it's a new tool in helping police track down criminals like this. We hear the story over and over and someone calls up the police and, hey, my car got broken into. I have video. Well, the videos we get aren't very good then they send the video from the owl camera and the police will say, we've never seen video like this. We can see exactly who it is. I think one of the ones that hit me the hardest there was a woman named Jennifer. Two guys came up to her she thought to walk in front of the car and pulled the two into range of the camera and points at it and say do you really want to do this and they back off. In less than an hour both of those two were arrested. Do you think it might change the way car owners and police deal with carjackings. I definitely think it's going to be huge advantage. It's going to be huge for the criminals as well. This ale think twice for sure. Now, to be clear no one including the police condone going after the bad guys it's not meant to create vigilantes but to catch crooks in the act. Some are posting to social media to catch them so if you see something happen in your car call 911. Do not do what Alex did and go tackle the guy. How much does the system cost. It's a couple hundred dollars including the artificial intelligence and the realtime communications that you get but investigators tell me more and more crime files include video clips as evidence. So it's really sort of changing -- Seems like it's worth the investment. Yeah, a lot more tonight on "Nightline." Thanks very much.

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{"duration":"3:29","description":"Owl is a new security device that has both inward and outward facing cameras and will alert a car owner the moment a vehicle is hit.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61805534","title":"New technology helps civilians catch car thieves","url":"/GMA/News/video/technology-helps-civilians-catch-car-thieves-61805534"}