Tropical Storm Imelda slams Texas with rain

The small town of Winnie, Texas, was hit particularly hard while the storm also triggered a tornado outside of Houston.
2:44 | 09/19/19

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Transcript for Tropical Storm Imelda slams Texas with rain
We begin with the flash flooding emergency down south in the southeast. Texas facing relentless rain right now. Really dangerous conditions. People being told to shelter in place. Seek higher ground and Clayton Sandell starts us off from hard hit Texas with the latest. Good morning, Clayton. Reporter: And good morning, robin. We have reached the town of Winnie but most of the town is cut off by floodwaters. The local sheriff tells me it's been raining like this torrentialally all night at around 6 inches per hour. These floodwaters are rising rapidly. This morning, the remnants of tropical storm Imelda drowning the small count of Winnie east of Houston. The local sheriff telling us even during hurricane Harvey two years ago it wasn't as bad as this. It is absolutely horrible. We have homes and businesses and the hospital that never got water during Harvey that now have water. We're evacuating the patients from the hospital. Reporter: The storm also triggering a tornado overnight 20 miles east of Houston in Baytown. There's a tornado literally next to me. Reporter: Ashley Mendoza capturing this video of her close encoter while driving home supply just looked over and that's when I saw it and I was like, oh, my gosh. Reporter: The tornado leaving behind a trail of damage, trees snapped like sticks, structures torn apart. It lasted about three minutes, boom, went outside. Reporter: The insides of this house now on the lawn. Neighbors starting to clean up glad to be alive. Everything is destroyed but everyone is alive. Reporter: Up to a half a foot of rain swallowing the roads in Houston. More than 15 inches in freeport. Cars stalling in impassable streets. Neighbors pitching in to free the in stranded waters. The weather service tells us the danger of flash flood emergencies will continue throughout the day as this rain continues. They're calling it an extremely dangerous situation, robin. Everybody take care there, Clayton. To ginger now for the latest on the timing and track of the dangerous storm. This is such a great lesson it doesn't take a hurricane to make something that looks much like a hurricane can look and in a different town than where Harvey hit, Winnie is the town we're talking about in that emergency. There are many other, Conroe back to Beaumont, you do not want to drive in you live in the red. The roads will be impassable. Feeder bands are strong. They're not moving very quickly at all and will, however, move to the mortgage and more rain by tomorrow. We could see upwards of ten inches on top of what we've already seen. That could be dangerous. Thanks. The breaking new report about a whistle-blower who

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{"duration":"2:44","description":"The small town of Winnie, Texas, was hit particularly hard while the storm also triggered a tornado outside of Houston. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65713437","title":"Tropical Storm Imelda slams Texas with rain ","url":"/GMA/News/video/tropical-storm-imelda-slams-texas-rain-65713437"}