Trump slams NYT op-ed by admin official as 'gutless'

The anonymous op-ed attributed to a senior Trump administration official said "many Trump appointees" are focused on "thwarting Mr. Trump's more misguided impulses."
4:44 | 09/06/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump slams NYT op-ed by admin official as 'gutless'
Going tort with that cos thete house. President trump is on the ter that scag op-ed in "The New York Times." We have never anythi LI thisbefore. A top adminisation offial undercover warning theountry thpresidents dangerous, officialsos th administration are behilosedoors to rein the president in, keephe C safe. No surprise trumpsurious calling the official gutless. White house correspondent Cecilia Vega an explosive chain reac inside west wing and intense search fo the it. Eporter: I he a -finding mission try to find out who T coue it could be anyone. Is is a preside who is already isated and seems Ver much to berom his tweets, he is nowin calling for this writer to turn in and U son. It is historic a of defiance from inside the ranks president ump's own administration. A lfmed member of T resistance working to block many other are doing the exact samethg. The anonymous person identied only as senior official writing inyork times," we bieve our first duty is to this cou and president continue act man that is detrint the health of republic. That why many trump appointees to do what we can torve our democratic is W thwarting Mr. Trse misguided impulses U he is out of office. Thadding, the of th problem is the esident's anyone who knowsho works with him knows he is not discernible. President trump livid. Sou tell me about menymous soue whin the administration, who's failing anrobably here for all the wrong reason anonymous, meaning gutl gutless editl. Rress sectary Sarah Sanders issue this sching rebuke. E coward suld dohe right thing andesign but the unnamed officialnts the picture of top aides stay onheobo save the country fro the prt himselfaying the presidt's bavior is erratic. Pet and active. INGs within vee off topic and off theras. He eesn repetitive rants and his impulsiveness R half-baked, ill-rmed and occasionally recs decision that he to be walked back and then thituing claim that cabinet office have whispered T invokinghe 25 amendment to remove the president fm office. Quote, but no Odo precipita constitution crisis. The ofci writing, should kno that there a adults in the . This't work of the so-calledeep state. It's the work of the say state. The book is a fiction. Eporter: The white house already S node over Ven journal Woodward's nook which makes to stop T presen Makin catastrophic mistakes. Everything from sng president could S the to another reportedlyoring the president's desire T assassinate ria's bas Al Assad. No, THAs NER even contemplated nor would it contemplated and it should veeen written about inhe book. It's jt morefiction. Reporte this morning, its theystery surrounding that seniorump official what is vex waington. Executive branch. Can iomeone veryse to the presidt or someone far moved? Reporter: Someone working on the ins of the trump administon vowing frustrate parts of and his worst in one ublican saying, he's noticed at all.n't think anything was yed op-ed that was new. I think this is whatll of U H understood to behe situation from day E. Reporter: Sohave ard in this op-ed is not a isolated sentiment when you often talk to high ranking ofals here T privately say the protecting the presidenelf and fre country from the presids impulsesut today ING is really consumed with tho this writ is, we that fang mission overnight and I goto say we know white house aides a allies overnight were circulating a text Messa the sleeper cells have awoken. C stuff.les breakt down with Chris , gernor of new

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{"duration":"4:44","description":"The anonymous op-ed attributed to a senior Trump administration official said \"many Trump appointees\" are focused on \"thwarting Mr. Trump's more misguided impulses.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57641590","title":"Trump slams NYT op-ed by admin official as 'gutless'","url":"/GMA/News/video/trump-slams-nyt-op-ed-admin-official-gutless-57641590"}