Trump's legal team making moves in Stormy Daniels case

Lawyers for Trump are claiming the porn star owes $20 million for breaking a nondisclosure agreement.
5:04 | 03/17/18

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Transcript for Trump's legal team making moves in Stormy Daniels case
Now to another political story that broke overnight president trumps legal team making moves in the case of porn star stormy Daniels who was allegedly. Paid not to speak publicly about an affair with trump before he was president Robert. Natalie we learned that trumps team now wants the case moved to federal court and they now say Daniels who oppose the president twenty million dollars for breach of contract. ABC's cat mountain is also in Washington this morning Kenneth good morning to you. Good morning Dan and Paula this is the big development considering up to this point. It appears president tropic kept his distance from the legal fight to keep the adult entertainment star quiet. This morning president from publicly dornin the stormy Daniels court battle for the first time. The president and longtime attorney Michael Cohen file paperwork to move Daniels lawsuit to federal court. A personal lawyer for the president's saying mr. trump intends to pursue his rights to the fullest extent permitted by law. Cohen alleged dangles from rolled name is Stephanie Clifford has reached a confidential settlement agreement at least twenty times saying Covert LLC indoor trump. Have the right to seek damages in excess of twenty million dollars this at the porn star claims the non disclosure agreement from rural let's 2006 appear were trumped. Non binding her attorney Michael a minority fire back on Twitter help the president Donald Trump seek twenty billion dollars in damages against my client. Based on an agreement that he and mr. Cohen claimed mr. trump was never a party to knew nothing about. Hash tag not well thought out cash tax floppy hats tacked checkmate are minority didn't go to be tells but he also made a uniquely wants the an. And the fact is that my client. Was physically threatened to stay silent about what she knew about Donald Trump. The president has also retained high profile Beverly Hills attorney Charles harder to take on stormy Daniels the lower your recently. And successfully represented a First Lady minority up from Bologna a trop. A libel case in Maryland Dana Paula. Kenneth thank you joining us now firm formerly Texas ABC news' chief political analyst Matthew Dowd Matthew good morning to you thanks for being with us. On a Saturday let's let's start with stormy Daniels. I just wonder would these new moves that a president's legal team arc de kind of ensuring that this case stays in the news. Yes Dan absolutely every step the president Mae has made in this process related to the porn star stormy Daniels. Has been a move that's hurt him. And now this latest move is only get a one keep it in the news as you say. But is the first time he himself has tied himself directly if somebody that he said he had no relationship whip. And no connection to so I think this is gonna keep going who would've guessed. That I'm porn star would could be that thing that ties the president so badly. BA yet he wants a story to go way I'm not sure this is the best strategy so let's talk about in your McCabe the former deputy FBI director who has fired just days before he can retain his full benefits Matt do you think. That the president had a legitimate reason to fire him or was this vindictive. Well world will know about the first I think definitely on the second. The possession arrow points. To vindictiveness this is in the same week heat. He fired into McCain after Andrew McCabe left his office on the last day he gets fired after he leaves the office on its last eight. And it has reported he's he may back it is pension in the course of this. On the first part I think many factor come to our have to come to fruition on this and I'm sure it's going to be argued. At some point in court or in some point in new in a legal document so we'll learn that but the bizarre thing is he got fired because he released information. That hurt Hillary Clinton. That's really up the foundation of firing it doesn't make a lot of sense to me. But vindictiveness seems to be at the core because keep in mind the secretary of state was fired by a tweet this week. Where where where he worked seeing a lot of firings these days and there there are reports that there could be more changes to come perhaps the national security advisor is out. Some people in the president's camp described this says. As in growing into his job he's got more confidence other people are calling this chaos and an unprecedented. Turmoil what's what's your view. Well I picked the president for the words he said a long ago that he hires the best people. And they had a year ago he was saying that this is the best catfish ever assembled and now they're saying he doesn't have a cabinet that is in line with image doesn't have a cabinet that he has confidence in. So something of this tech can't be true and this I think it's typical KS the president himself has admitted. He likes chaos he likes to do this kind of thing I think we're gonna see this unfold over the next three years of his presidency. The first year it's just been exactly like his campaign and exactly like. His business that he ran I think this is how president. Trump leads in this is our president come runs an op as I think we're gonna expect more of this probably this coming week. Yes bundle up having thrives or a Matt Dowd joining us from Texas happy Saint Patrick's Day by the way T happy happy saint Pat's day air and go Brock. That's right now brought you were agreed he did Wear green yes are yes I'm yes thinks.

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{"id":53816939,"title":"Trump's legal team making moves in Stormy Daniels case","duration":"5:04","description":"Lawyers for Trump are claiming the porn star owes $20 million for breaking a nondisclosure agreement.","url":"/GMA/News/video/trumps-legal-team-making-moves-stormy-daniels-case-53816939","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}