Trump's Memorial Day tweet sparks backlash

The president touted what he calls the "best economy in decades" in a tweet about fallen soldiers.
1:16 | 05/29/18

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Transcript for Trump's Memorial Day tweet sparks backlash
George, he will talkut this subj Let's bng in Jonathan Karl more on this. Jon, no official word on meeting but the president is striking an optimistic note on Twitter this morning. Reporter: He absolutely is, George. He's making it official that that N Korean official is Ming to the united now have a frenzyf activity moving towards a June mmit. You havet visit. You have the U.S. Delegation Bob mentio in North Korea. There is another U.S. Delegatn in Singapore working out logistics but the one thing we don't haveyet, is any official announcerom the white house that, in fact, themit is back on. Weo F there's still disagreements over what the being of denuclearion is. On another front the president Twitter on memorial day drew firecross the political spectrum. Reporter: Absolute. The president as you cissing happy memorial day. That those who died would B happy and proud of how great the countrys doing and then cited some of his rico is really S a lot of people the wrong way,mer bush speech writer George W. Bush speech writer David Frum, manyple question this president B it's no small achievement to write the grossestostnappropriatet selfttering memorial day message in the htory of th U.S. Presidency. Jon Karl, thanks very much.

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{"duration":"1:16","description":"The president touted what he calls the \"best economy in decades\" in a tweet about fallen soldiers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55500236","title":"Trump's Memorial Day tweet sparks backlash","url":"/GMA/News/video/trumps-memorial-day-tweet-sparks-backlash-55500236"}