Video shows woman getting dragged by rail car

An investigation is underway into a woman's terrifying experience after a train dragged her onto the tracks when her hand got stuck in the door.
2:20 | 04/21/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Video shows woman getting dragged by rail car
Welcome back to GM and a Sunday morning this morning officials in California are investigating one woman's terrifying experience with the train. As you can see right here dragged onto the tracks. When her hand got stuck in the door at ABC's Maggie truly has more from our LA bureau Maggie good morning. Then in morning see that video it is frightening and it will have you rethinking ever reaching for a subway door again now the state is getting involved. And demanding answers. This morning a near deadly subway accident in San Francisco caught on camera is now wonder investigation. This surveillance video from last Friday obtained exclusively by the San Francisco examiner shows a woman reaching to catch the subway door went. Suddenly closes around her hand it was also obvious that she's been scrapped. She was dragged her like. Fifteen feet. People on the platform are seen weaving to help but the car continues to pick up speed. Until the woman appears to fall onto the tracks. There's simply no indication that the operative had any idea that some news holds people shouting and banging on the car. No recognition whatsoever witnesses say the woman suffered a giant gash to her forehead and was rushed to the hospital. The video now putting the city's transportation system under screw. The San Francisco examiner obtaining documents from 2017 that claimed some doors during the testing phase of Munis new one point one billion dollar future fleet. Appear to be defective. Accidentally locking down on objects and people. These trends and doors are saved for the San Francisco municipal transportation agency insists the type of door they use is quite comment. And has been used safely across the US for many years. There's nothing broken furniture in and they've gone through several test six months of test just on the doors. I'm so pleased. Doors are saying and their sensitive edges with in the doors. That can detect wind hot hand or an object. I'm is in the door for him. The transportation agency says the new trains were inspected six months before they were put into service. And right now there are dozens on the tracks but the state says after this incident there investigating what happened and why. Eva and I think things as why do not jump on the subway the doors or even exactly terrified about do think like an elevator supposed to open doesn't them down.

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{"duration":"2:20","description":"An investigation is underway into a woman's terrifying experience after a train dragged her onto the tracks when her hand got stuck in the door.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62535270","title":"Video shows woman getting dragged by rail car","url":"/GMA/News/video/video-shows-woman-dragged-rail-car-62535270"}