‘GMA' Deals & Steals: Luxury products for less

Ahead of the big shopping holidays, Tory Johnson is back with exclusive discounts on items for “GMA” viewers.
5:51 | 11/22/19

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Transcript for ‘GMA' Deals & Steals: Luxury products for less
With Christmas almost a month away it is time to get your shopping going and this lady has got everything you need the it's all about luxury for less today with Tory Johnson. We have high-end gifts at bargain prices. You got it, baby. So first up, okay, I brought this for you because it is so super soft. I have a cold. A snuggly -- look, it has a little cute hood. I don't want to mess up your hair. Mess it up. It has pockets right here and it's called a marshmellow hooded scarf because it is so delicious. I will wear it for the remainder of the show. Variety of colors and what's great, it's one size so easy gifting. I like -- You want this. It's so great. It's cuddly. The deal $70 regularly, today slashed in half and from soft if I, free shipping. Nice. Right back over here. This is one of Oprah's favorite things. This little pouch right here. So look at how awesome. Zippered compartment for jewelry, zippered compartment for cosmetics, this perfect little piece for traveling on the go. The most beautiful colors. We also have this really great fix-it kit. 22 different tools that fit right into here. Awesome colors. A beautiful gift. 33 to $48 regularly. Today it's slashed in half, $16.50. That's great. These too? Yes. Wow. I'm getting these. These pajamas, we have a variety of style, robe, long sleeve, shorts. The most exquisite patterns, woman owned business if Philadelphia. 100% cotton. That pattern, just a great assortment. Oh, cute. It's slashed in half and starts at $49. Oh, boy, you are not kidding about these deals. Another good one, diamonds. Diamonds are always a great idea. These are from Amelia rose. Single stud earrings or the single initial necklace. You can mix and match initials, your own, people you love. They're sparkly, fabulous and diamonds are always in style. Yes. Normally. Always fit. Exactly there too. 148 to 158. Today slashed by up to 73%. So $39 for the earrings, $58 for the neck last. Tory. Good, right? It's good. And you're going to like this definitely not last because we have more coming up after this. But from night, these are the silk pillowcases so I know you love silk pillowcases. For the first time huge assortment of all of these colors and the ability to have initials, monograms embroidered so you take a silk pillowcase which is an awesome gift and elevate it with the extra personalization. That's nice. Really good colors. 90 to $110 regularly. Today slashed in half starting at $40 and from night, free shipping. We like that. You guys, you got to stay more "Deals & steals" coming up. A lot more deals. A lot more deals come sdmrk stay what us. Thank you to all of these guys. Go to our website, goodmorningamerica.com to get the deals. "Gma's" "Deals & steals" sponsored by target. This weekend only at target get a free $10 target gift card when you spend $50 on food and beverage. Good morning it is 8:27. We are following breaking news in queens where three men were killed when fire tore through a vacant home. It happen on fire farmers boulevard. It was vacant but they found three victims who are apparently squatting there. The fire started in the basement. Four firefighters suffered Developing online long Island a fire broke out around 3:00 inside the shopping center on central avenue in cedar hers. Firefighters say it started in a common basement spreading to five stores above. Nobody was hurt. New information, the superintendent will not with reassigned football coach until Monday. Meaning he will not coach during the semi final game this weekend. The school board reassigned him while they investigate him for an incident involving a the decision was met with major backlash from players, students and the football a health emergency doesn't have to be a financial emergency. Because at New York State of Health we're here to help you find quality, low cost health insurance. Get free one-on-one help - in person, over the phone or online - View plans and enroll today at New York State of Health... A busy traffic day. We checked the commute with Heather. We are going to queens,

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{"duration":"5:51","description":"Ahead of the big shopping holidays, Tory Johnson is back with exclusive discounts on items for “GMA” viewers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67224662","title":"‘GMA' Deals & Steals: Luxury products for less","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/gma-deals-steals-luxury-products-67224662"}