'GMA' Deals and Steals this Thanksgiving on items supporting small businesses

Tory Johnson is bringing discounts of 50 percent off and more and spotlighting small businesses owned by people who are focused on giving back to their communities.
4:48 | 11/22/18

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Transcript for 'GMA' Deals and Steals this Thanksgiving on items supporting small businesses
and "Deals & steals" on this Thanksgiving morning, everybody. And we are giving thanks for small businesses with big bargains all from companies that are doing wonderful things for their communities, Tory, thank you. It's so great to have you. Of course. We'll start with these custom shaped pillow. So, listen, some people have Barbie and Ken, I've got robin and Michael. These are my little icons so what I love about this company, you upload your favorite photos of people or pets that you love, I got my little baby Marley here. Look, you can see Dan Harris' -- little mini-me. Your daughter, our crew. My kids right here. Anyone who you just love who you need a little pocket pillow of that person, you got it or that pet. The hand -- there's an artisan team that handcrafts each one and will take your photo and crop it to make the perfect shape. Unbelievable gift. Normally about $50. Today how much? $18 and free shipping. Free shipping. Free shipping. 18 and free shipping. Whit standing over there and getting hit daughters next. Like I need some perfect photos of your girls. I love that these -- sprinkles come in all different shapes and sizes and color. This is a woman owned company in Texas that puts together August of these assortments so that little one you're eat something a snowman. That's a snowman in your sprinkle assortment. Metallics and kid friendly assortments. The metallics are a little hard. More decorative than the others but they're beautiful. Beautiful. Gorgeous. And any sort of cookie or cake. Even these little marshmallows. Little unicorns on here so the shapes, the colors, just the blends is what makes sprinkle pop so fabulous. Normally a bottle 12 to $14. But they're slashed in half, 6 to $7. Candles. This was started about I a single mother of four. Yes, in a crock pot in her kitchen. She was making candles. Now in a huge warehouse in new Jersey and all of the scents from surf's up candle, this is cranberry apple. This is -- I love this. Come in mason jars or paint cans. All are the holiday scents but inspired by happy memories at the Jersey shore. A big, beautiful assortment. They range from $22 to retail but today half off so $11 to $12 for your choice. And this skin care line is founded by two best friends. So in my bag I have kind of two things that I always carry, lip balm and a little zit zapper. This is a zit zapper. It has Sal cystic acid. Tree tree oil and other essential oils. Basically, it works. Don't leave home without it. These are all clean formulas. The mask, this one I tilted too much but this is the kind of the glitter explosion mask. This is lava magic. All of their serums are fabulous and have great names like glow and megaglow in give me the zit zapper. Keep it for me till later. All of these are beautiful, packaging and just good formulas which I like. So they range from $18 to $42 at retail but everything is half off so $9 to $21. Okay, so let's try to get to this. We have homemade jewelry. This is from stone and stick. All made by women in a teeny town in Tennessee, population, 1500. Their ware of house is a converted garage and they make everything hand beaded wood and brass ago symptoms. There's short necklacesnecklaces. 26 to 70 retail but slashed more than in half so everything is 12 to $22. And finally the "Gma" favorite. Makes you want to wear after Thanksgiving. This is like the perfect Thanksgiving dress. But these pieces are great. This is their brand-new linen dress with pockets but long sleeve tanks you can wear underneath. Everything is about retaining its shape, long, so it doesn't ride up. Easy to pack. There's new glitter, sequins, silk. A woman from Michigan makes these. Normally 28 to $68. All slashed more than half. You'll find all these companies on our website and everybody here you're going home with products from skinnytees, the better skin company and

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{"duration":"4:48","description":"Tory Johnson is bringing discounts of 50 percent off and more and spotlighting small businesses owned by people who are focused on giving back to their communities.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59359735","title":"'GMA' Deals and Steals this Thanksgiving on items supporting small businesses","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/gma-deals-steals-thanksgiving-items-supporting-small-businesses-59359735"}