Tory Johnson shares deals and savings on the best products

Great deals on bathing products from robes and slippers to "bath bombs."
4:05 | 02/15/20

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Transcript for Tory Johnson shares deals and savings on the best products
We've got all kinds of fun stuff. "Deals & steals." We also have Tory Johnson here to help us treat ourselves with amazing products and major savings. Thank you so much for being here with us. Of course. So we're starting with los Angeles trading company. Robes and slippers are their thing. That's what they're known for. You were touching them, like -- Soft, plush. That's what you want a robe to be, and they have fun phrases to just give a little oomph to your -- some confidence, some excitement. Absolutely. Normally they range from $45 to $95. Today they are all slashed at least in half so they start at $18. Now, it is Valentine's weekend. We like to take care of ourself. Bath. Yes. No matter what kind of bath you want, they have a product for you. We have bath balms, soaks, salt, bath tea, every single kind of bath so there's sort of like no excuse to not indulge. A bath should be sort of like required because it is so good for relaxation. Well, you have to clean yourself, right? Might as well make it nice. To give yourself that extra 20 minutes of indulgence is worth it. $12 to $40 for singles and sets and today they're slashed in half. It starts at $6. Shut the door, take care of yourself. Exactly. This is another great one. This is a paraffin treatment. You pop this in the microwave for two minutes, and so it will get nice and soft. Pop in your hand. We have gloves, Mitts, booties, leave it on for a few minutes and you come out with the most soft moisturized awesome hands or feet. This is definitely worth the indulgence because you feel the immediate benefits to it. What's the savings on this? Normally $30 for a set. Today they're slashed in half, $15 and they're reusable. So that's a good one. I've been eyeing this. Yes. This is all about the tech you need but with a little fashion element. A couple things I want to call out. This one is essential. This take charge charger. What I love about it, it has a screen on the front and it's going to tell you how much juice is left in the power bank. That's amazing. So oftentimes you got it and you realize it's not charged. It's useless. So there are cords. Everything they offer. They have little bags and stuff so you can store them safely. Store them. So many fun things and all of it is functional which I love, $7.50 to $48. Normally. Today these are slashed up to 84%, and they start at $3.50. We've been laughing all morning long at these. I walked in this morning and I showed this one to Diane Macedo. She said, I made it. I made it. I'm finally in a deal. It's the most perfect photo. What I love about this is you take those perfect photos. In fact, I think you guys this morning were talking about an iconic moment. Yes. Let's see the boys over there. In the studio, and -- We couldn't fine the picture, but you did. I found the picture and I put it on a pillow. That is what's really fun about this. You take these fun moments. You were telling me that your boss bought you a onesie. Yeah. So we turned that into a pillow. The weather live shot. No matter the moment, there are so many beautiful photos. Everyone is like -- it's hard to pick a favorite. This makes those memories last, guaranteed smile. Normally $50 to $100. Today they're slashed by 60%. They start at $20 and free shipping from that pillow guy. You cannot beat that. We'll take two. Or a tandem. Both rob and whit and their kids, beautiful like -- Puppies there. Your puppies, so people even look -- the cat man. He's not paying attention. He's on his phone right now, but look at how cute this one is. Well, Dan's three cats are up front. He said he's going to leave that in Sara Haines' dressing room. Perfect. Snackdabra. These are born and baked in Philadelphia. Cookie cups, frosted cookie cups. You get 22 of them, and you can fill them with anything from milk to ice cream to mousse to fruit. It just elevates the dessert. Makes you like Martha Stewart but you did this by yourself. Normally $60 for a set of 22. Today they're slashed in half You can find them on our

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{"duration":"4:05","description":"Great deals on bathing products from robes and slippers to \"bath bombs.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"69005001","title":"Tory Johnson shares deals and savings on the best products","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/tory-johnson-shares-deals-savings-best-products-69005001"}