Arizona mayor responds to state’s cases skyrocketing

Mesa Mayor John Giles discussed Arizona’s 3,300 cases and the state becoming the location with the world’s highest rate of infection of COVID-19.
3:10 | 07/09/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Arizona mayor responds to state’s cases skyrocketing
New corona virus cases have skyrocketed in Arizona since it began reopening on May fifteenth and now the state has the world's highest rate of infection with about 3300 cases per one million residents. Here to discuss how one of our country's biggest suburban cities is handling this rise is the mayor of Mesa, Arizona John Giles thank you for being with us and as we just mentioned Reno Arizona is now a global hot spot unfortunately so talk about what the situation there is in mesa and what you're doing to protect your residents. Sure doesn't think during the yeah we're we're very concerned as you indicated a word we're in national and then and world. News and new ways that we never. Never dreamed burn approach to it to be doing. How did we we are seeing. Large surge of cases in mesa mesa is part of Phoenix metropolitan area we now. Some of the larger hospitals of the area located in mesa. We have I've been at those hospitals in the last week or to talk with the administrators there are concerns about. The availability of icu beds. We are reaching compact near capacity. They are bringing and Patton medical personnel nurses sperm from other states and expanding I see you. But it is another court of a little. Odds are that it planned on it being turned away. We certainly are a very generous strain on the resource eat the medical resource are. Now I know that's a big concern for you in for residents there mesa is located in Maricopa county and that is where to county sheriff officers recently passed away. After contracting co that our condolences. For those officers how are you protecting first responders. During this crisis. You absolutely are seeing members of our public safety forces that are contracting coo Brad and has sent impacted our ability two. It's an additional stress on mom on the on our staffing nervous so partial goaded that we we're where shall flow capacity. But if this thickened the conditions continue to ask late actor become a real problem. Now I know mesa public schools recently announced they will open for remote learning August 4. Given the situation do you for see students physically going back to school at any point this fall. Our right now to answer your question I I couldn't imagine sending kids back. To school lie in person. In the situation were experiencing right now. They're distinct amount of the first day school Obama ticket and is an exciting day it's it's it's a big deal yet but there's also. Thousands of balance of adults bus drivers are. And lunch ladies and crossing guards and keep your communities. And to expose. Not just that he had but also boost the risk adults. In that scenario. Right now it is not something happened to Beardsley and bury ever. Nana you were working tirelessly. Through some extremely difficult time so thank you for your time Mesa, Arizona mayor John Giles we appreciate you being with us. Q.

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{"duration":"3:10","description":"Mesa Mayor John Giles discussed Arizona’s 3,300 cases and the state becoming the location with the world’s highest rate of infection of COVID-19.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71694688","title":"Arizona mayor responds to state’s cases skyrocketing","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/arizona-mayor-responds-states-cases-skyrocketing-71694688"}