'Bachelor Breakdown': Hannah drama, Champagne-gate and more

Bachelor Nation's Wells Adams and "Bachelor" contestant Courtney Perry recap all the drama from Monday night's episode.
10:35 | 01/14/20

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Transcript for 'Bachelor Breakdown': Hannah drama, Champagne-gate and more
"Bachelor" breakdown. Last night, Peter continued his journey to find love with 22 eligible bachelorettes. Here to talk us through it all is "Bachelor nation's" wells Adams. And bachelor contestant Courtney Perry who just got sent home last night. So, welcome to both of you. Just to get right into it. Last night's episode started with the Hannah b./peter drama. Before, though, we talk about that, can you tell someone who hasn't seen it what went down? Hannah B. Was the bachelorette last season and Peter was one of her final guys and she dumped him. And now he's the bachelor and she's kind of come back and she's been there the past two episodes and the girls that are vying for Peter's heart aren't very pleased about it. But, that's what's happening. Here's the thing, Courtney, Hannah B. Showed up on night she showed up on the group date. But what's in the vibe in the house? So I wasn't on that group date but I know the vibe in house from the girls came back from that group date and I heard that Hannah B. Showed up on it and they were really upset and I don't blame them, you know, they want a chance at love and I feel like Hannah B. Kept showing up on the season is really kind of altering Peter's emotions and feelings. Well, Natasha didn't let Peter off the hook. We have a clip. Let's take a look. This is tough. Because I know you guys know what I had for her was very real. This was my heart -- being invested in her and that hasn't just gone away. She hasn't gone away. She's been here every day, every day I have seen you I have seen her pretty much, you know, which also sucks for us. What do you think about that? Well, one thing that was interesting about that date they're like backstage, Hannah B. And Peter are like backstage. He goes out and he's like, hey, listen, guys, I just can't do this group date. I wonder if Hannah is looking through like -- you know. It's working. I did it. When one drama closes off, another one opens. One of the highlights of this episode was champagne-gate. We have a clip. I'm excited to share a bottle of champagne for him. I wanted to open it the first night and that unfortunately didn't happen, so I'm excited for tonight. Oh, I'm so excited to hear. What was that? Hey, I have to say something, it's not okay what you did. I set this up. I brought this bottle from des Moines. Don't try to play dumb. I didn't know. Tammy just came over here and told me. Bring Tammy here. This was my thing. I had no idea. I had -- I had no idea. Oh, my god. I think she knew what she was doing. She's just a Snake. So, where do we even start? Did everyone -- like, what's going on here? Was she lying? I mean, from night one, everybody knew that Kelsey wanted to open that bottle of champagne with Peter. I mean, it wasn't shown. But I feel like if you didn't know I don't know where you were. And also, I mean, I can't speak for Hannah Ann and maybe she didn't know. I feel like -- she voiced it to a lot of people. There was another champagne set up. From the beginning, y'all knew about Kelsey. We knew and saw from the beginning that Hannah Ann was stopping at nothing to get the time with Peter. She's been doing that from the beginning, so I believe she did undercut Kelsey. Without a doubt, I do. She seems like one of those women on the show that's waltzing through the show. Of course there's a bottle of champagne for me and Peter. No, that's an act. If you heard people talking about this bottle of champagne, not only do you hear the pop you hear the -- that's like, girl, did you hear this? In your face. Bam. But the best part was when they opened the bottle and went to drink from it, do we have a clip of them drinking? And it goes all over her face. Oh, my god. I felt so bad. I'll be honest with you, though -- okay, that may have been -- that may have been tough on Kelsey. If we replay that back, look at Peter's reaction. Look at Peter's reaction. Is this a man who's going to stand by you through thick and stand or is he going to run? What they didn't show is that he actually then later went and poured champagne on his face like ten seconds after that. Oh, to make her feel better? Now that's pretty cute. But when you're watching last night's episode and you see Kelsey freak out using all kind of language, is that attractive to anyone? Whether it's a friend -- like a romantic relationship, when you hear someone -- their reaction to the situation seems a little it of proportion. I think Kelsey was really upset. I think her emotions got the best of her and that's how she chose to react to the situation. There was a study that said that people who curse are more honest. We're all good here. That brings me to, three women went home. You're one of three. Speaking of all the drama, were you surprised that you were one of the three to go home? Yeah, I was definitely surprised that I was one of the women who went home. I had a really great moment with Peter that night. I actually shared my first kiss with him. I was really upset. But at the end of the day, you know, we just didn't have that connection he had with the every women. It happens. I respect that. It's his loss. Exactly. We're not letting you go anywhere. Quick break. We're going to take a quick break. There's more champagne-gate. Don't miss it. When we come back. We've got a lot more drama to cover as the bachelor breakdown continues. Don't go anywhere. My blood sugar and A1C. Because I can still make my own insulin. And Trulicity activates my body to release it like it's supposed to. Trulicity is for people with type 2 diabetes. It's not insulin. I take it once a week. It starts acting in my body from the first dose. 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{"duration":"10:35","description":"Bachelor Nation's Wells Adams and \"Bachelor\" contestant Courtney Perry recap all the drama from Monday night's episode.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68275655","title":"'Bachelor Breakdown': Hannah drama, Champagne-gate and more","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/bachelor-breakdown-hannah-drama-champagne-gate-68275655"}