You Gotta See This: Dr. Dendy's acne makeover

The dermatologist is helping a viewer overcome her skin struggles.
4:02 | 02/19/20

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Transcript for You Gotta See This: Dr. Dendy's acne makeover
viewers courageously opened up about her struggle with acne. On our show. Take a look. There's been many highs and lows to points where I don't want to go to work and do presentations or just go out and have a great time with friends because I feel like people are always staring at my face and it's just been a challenge with many ups and lows dealing with it. I could totally relate. We brought in the help of celebrity dermatologist Dr. Dendy. Who's helped stars like Sofia Ver gag Ya and Sophie Richie. She set Racine up with a skin overall. We wanted to check in with her to see how she's doing. She's here with us right now. You look beautiful. Oh, my gosh. Doctor, tell us about this process was like, getting in there. After I met her on this show I met with her every month for the last six months, and we started on a oral regimen that's prescription only, it helps block the receptors in the skin that create block acne. Step two was, I gave her a prescription, and she was alternating those. Once we got all the acne clear I treated in office with chemical peel to address the scarring. You look amazing. Doesn't she look great? You look amazing. Actually, before -- let's look at the before shot of Racine's skin and then we're going to look -- right here. This is before. This is before. This is when we first started. And now, turn to the side. You can see so much clearance and all of that jawline acne and the inflammatory cyst. You said you haven't had a cyst since October? I haven't had a cyst for three months. Was it the chemical peels that really helped the scarring? The scarring really limited with the pigment but the prescription retinoids help with the skin texture. The takeaway, I want people to realize that's there is hope. Racine, tell them about how you feel. I feel amazing. In the beginning I wasn't sure what to expect and I was a bit overwhelmed. I made a decision, I was committed, disciplined and consistent through this entire process and it was about three months into this process where I was like, okay, I'm almost ready to give up. She saw the acne got worse before it got better. It happens. Was the routine hard? As she's speaking all of these steps, this was going be a new routine for you. This was a morning, evening commitments, coming to the office for appointments. It was a bit difficult in the third month. But I realized once I got past that hill, I was going to get the results that I was hoping for. The best thing that she shared with me she never wanted to be in pictures. Now she's like I want to be in those photos. In that piece, you said, I didn't want to be at work, do presentations, so it helped your confidence. I had low self-esteem. They're not seeing me, they're just looking at my face. Now I feel overjoyed because I have clear skin and I feel more confident in my skin, not only because it's clear it's healthy. I'm so proud of you. In the beginning it gets worse before it gets better, and that pushing through that also gives you the confidence to say, you know what, I'm sticking to the routine and now you get to reap the benefits of the results. So happy for you Racine. Thank you, too, Dr. Dendy.

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{"duration":"4:02","description":"The dermatologist is helping a viewer overcome her skin struggles.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"69074658","title":"You Gotta See This: Dr. Dendy's acne makeover","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/gotta-dr-dendys-acne-makeover-69074658"}