James Marsden on Jim Carrey, his early kissing scenes and more

It's a throwback Thursday with the "Sonic The Hedgehog" star.
7:07 | 02/13/20

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Transcript for James Marsden on Jim Carrey, his early kissing scenes and more
name a few "West world," "X men," "Enchanted," "Dead to me," and our favorite, "The notebook," and now he's in "Sonic the hedgehog." Take a look. Aww. This one is cute. Let's keep him. Whoa! Oh, come on. How could something so adorable be so terrible? You've got car insurance, right? Aah! Please welcome James Marsden. How are you, man? Yes. Oh. How's it going? We're good. Welcome. It's so funny before you got here, someone said, oh, he is so sweet, and someone goes, he is so fine. Guess who said that? Who said what? You said the latter, didn't you? I said the latter. You caught me, man. We have Fran dreschner coming on soon, and you got your start. You were on her show. I was. That was -- yeah. Been around. What do you remember about that? Nothing. It was so long ago. I think it was 1993? Something like that. The year I was born. It was, like, two lines on the pilot episode of "The nanny." A waiter who was caught kissing the daughter on the balcony and promptly asked to leave. Scandalous. I was hired a lot for my kissing early on. We actually could see if you could use that here. Let's see it. Maggie. Daddy. Mr. Sheffield. Just -- You were just leaving. Right. Eddie, wait. Maggie. Back then, yes. Oh, yes. I watched that, and I think, wow. This kid can act. Yeah, right? Pretty much everybody thinks that, right? What did you think of that clip though? I thought, how did he go on to have a career after that? It was so interesting because I actually came across you in your country music band performing on "Good morning, Oklahoma," and I have to show this clip. So many clips. And the skies are not cloudy First of all, I love the factions. That's a lot of denim. A lot of denim up there. That was on a morning show. It was supposed to be energetic and uplifting. It sounded like a dirge. Like a funeral dirge, it was awful. You were in high school there, but what happened? Did you ever pursue a country music career? We had -- that was -- I was in a country band. It was a few of those guys, but we would do Garth brooks covers and things like that. I thought, if the acting thing didn't work out, maybe the music thing I could pursue, but I -- I -- the acting thing started happening. You're playing that down. You had an opportunity with music with someone very well known. I did. I was on -- Go ahead and drop those names. Clive Davis. What? You saw the clip. He loved it. No. I was -- Davy Kelly had me singing on ally mcbeal, and he invited me out no New York to meet him and mark shaman who did all the "Hairspray" music, and they gauged my interest on doing a record thing, but standards and sort of iconic Sinatra stuff, and I was too -- I think I was intimidated by it, too scared to, like, commit to it, and he was, like, it's going to be touring and this and that. I was, like, I don't know. Now my friends were, like, remember when you turned down a record deal with Clive Davis? That was not actually true, but You have a heck of an acting career, man. We're going to talk now about "Sonic the hedgehog." And last week, your co-star Jim Carrey, he was on "Gma" with me. Okay. I didn't even get the interview started. Oh, no. He was all over the place. He is so funny, so how in the world do you get through anything with him, and what was it like working with a legend like him? I call it, you have to get on the Jim Carrey train. He shows up and the set is electrified. He's a ball of energy and ideas and observations. He just injects this energy on the set, and we got -- we sat down and got to, like, work on some, like, improv together, and he's very generous and open to ideas and every take had going to different for him. Different for him. It had to have inspiration behind it, and I remember one take we were kind of arguing at the door, and he goes -- the line is he's supposed to say, Mr. Wakowkski and something about a hedgehog. They say action, and he goes -- wakowski. You never know what he's going to do. There's nothing else he could come up with, and I'm laughing and ruining the take. Just digging my -- I'm just pinching myself. That's the trick? You create pain to take away the laughter. Every day, I had, like, a welt or a bruise on my leg. Oh my gosh. That was a very good impression by the way. A very good impressions. You do impressions, can you do anyone else? No. This is the -- this is the worst. Like, on the spot, I'm not great. Would you rather sing instead? I would rather sing. You pick, either one. Got to do something. I did mcconaughey for awhile. Everybody kind of does a mcconaughey though. Not like you, I don't think. Remember the music career he had? You got to get that Texas whistle in there. You do the Texas whistle. I take after my airstream, and we'll have a margarita. It's one of those, like, a Chris Walken. Everybody does a mcconaughey. Handle my voicemail. Do that for me. Michael Strahan. Your other co-star was an animated character, sonic. What were you actually acting alongside? Yeah, good question. Nothing. There's nothing there. I mean, it's a tripod with a piece of green tape. You have to tap into being a kid again and you have to use your imagination and, like, get lost in what the scene is about. And scripters are throwing out sonic's line? The scripter is, like, when are we going to get to San Francisco? It's a real treat that you came to talk to us. Thank you. Thank you. "Sonic the hedgehog" is in

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{"duration":"7:07","description":"It's a throwback Thursday with the \"Sonic The Hedgehog\" star.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68964959","title":"James Marsden on Jim Carrey, his early kissing scenes and more","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/james-marsden-jim-carrey-early-kissing-scenes-68964959"}