Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey's idea to bring back 'The Office'

The best friends want to bring back the show, but it's not a reboot.
6:27 | 10/18/19

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Transcript for Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey's idea to bring back 'The Office'
Our next guests played Pam Beasley and Angela martin for nine seasons on the hit show "The office." Please give a warm welcome to Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey. Hi. Nice to see you guys. Welcome. Oh, thank you. Now, we haven't been apart that long because we were all together last night on "Watch what happens live" with Andy Cohen. Yes. But keke and I looked a little different. A little. There we are. There's a picture. Amazing. It was -- it was wild. I just saw you in the hallway and I was like, ah! You should have been doing ah! Last night because this is me. I know. I had a mind melt moment though like, what? The look -- and I think you'll agree, keke, when they were looking back at us and Andy was too, they kept doing this. Yeah. Like they were trying to get into our souls through our 5:00 shadow. I feel like my guy needs an exfoliating skin treatment. I feel like you guys were like, he needs some lotion. It was weird because they facetimed me. I'm like, whoa, this is, like, weird. It was very weird because they wanted this whole experiment to do something as a man instead of In a man's world. In a man's world. We disguised ourselves as men. The funny thing is we called Sara's mom and she said I know you. Sara said do you know who this is? She goes, I know, that's P. Diddy. She goes, I know it, I know it, it's that rapper. It's P. Diddy. I was like, no, mom, not even close. It's keke. Did you see Chrissy Teigen tweet on Sunday where she said she thought Pam and -- oh, my gosh, what's his name? Jim. Would still be together or divorced. I know. This one stirred it up for this one. How dare she. How dare she. Of course they're still married. Oh really? Any ups and downs in there? All the way to the end, right? Yeah. They're in it to win it. Yeah, they're tight. I did think she said -- she suggested that Pam might have an etsy shop and I think she might be right there. I could see that. I'll give her that one but Pam and Jim are still very much still together. Good, that's good to know. And the thing is you two are best friends. Yes. And you met on the show. Mm-hmm. Yes. And you just clicked. So when did you know that it clicked for you two? Well, I think early on but Jenna says I just talked her to death. I just was chatty chat, chat, chat and wore you down. She wouldn't stop talking to me so I thought, well I guess she's my friend. Yeah. But I think it was the basketball episode which was during season one. It was the third episode that we filmed, and we had to sit on this bench for two full days next to one another while the men played basketball. We were just in the background. But a typical shooting day is about 12 hours. So we spent 24 hours just -- Me gaga gaga gaga. We told each other our life stories on this bench and I actually -- I have a photo of us from that episode that I have framed in my home office because that's the moment I met my lifelong best friend. Wow. There it is. That's it. That's awesome. Oh, my gosh. That is really so sweet. Tell us about the podcast. You're so lucky to work with your best friend so what is office ladies? What can people expect? Each week we're going to rewatch on episode of "The office" and we're really excited because we haven't seen these episodes in a long time so we're going from the beginning all the way through and we're going to watch it and tell some of our behind the scenes stories. Our memories. People that are used to being on set all day and getting dressed up, how good does it feel to not have to get dressed up and not worry about how you look? I have been looking for a long time for the job that I can do in sweatpants, and I have found it. So I'm in it for life. Jenna is living her best life right now. She, like, rolls in in her sweatpants and you have like a It's true. I'm working with my best friend in my sweatpants. Do you dress the same though? I do. You're both super casual. It would be weird if she was in sweatpants and I came in in evening attire. I feel like you character would have -- Are you kidding? My character loved buttons. I had one shirt that had 32 buttons. 32 buttons? The Christmas episode, 32 buttons. Oh man. That's like old football player outfits right there, all the buttons they wore back in those days. I'm just curious for you though, it's a whole new generation of fans because of streaming with this show, so how is it for you to have such a big range of fans? Oh my goodness, it is pretty wild. I was touring middle schools with my son and they were like, you need to stop going in the classroom because the middle schoolers were like -- they got so excited. The age range is huge now. It's the parents who watched it when it was live and now their middle school kids who are watching it for the first time, a lot of people watch it as a whole family now. I know you guys get this question all the time but in the day and age of reboots, everyone wants a little more of something you got. We love "The office." Is there any chance that you guys would do it again? Jenna, go. Well, I don't think a reboot works because at the end of the series a lot of people left dunder Mifflin and moved away and I think trying to come up with a reason that we're all back at our desks and working again, it sort of ruins what we finished there. We think -- But -- Okay, okay. A reunion special. Movie. But here's the deal. Jenna and I are not in charge, okay? We don't make it so somebody needs to call us or something. We have great ideas. Yeah. And the cast really is into it. The cast is into the idea. Let's get this going. #Officereboot. Let's go. Make it happen. If the crew is into it and the cast is into it, it's a no brainer. Right? Thank you.

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{"duration":"6:27","description":"The best friends want to bring back the show, but it's not a reboot.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66373658","title":"Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey's idea to bring back 'The Office'","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/jenna-fischer-angela-kinseys-idea-bring-back-office-66373658"}