Kidventor Finale: Kim Perell's surprise giveaway

The successful entrepreneur has something big in store for each of our kidventors.
5:38 | 02/14/20

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Transcript for Kidventor Finale: Kim Perell's surprise giveaway
hearing big ideas from creative minds. So much that we decided to bring everyone back. That's right. Please welcome all of our kidventors. Hello all of our kidventors. Let's go down the line. Lino created the kinetic kickz. Next up we got grace who created the sticky-drip catcher cookie. Keeps you tidy while eating melting popsicles. Next up, Makai created the anti-bullying backpack. A backpack that notifies parents when their child is being bullied. And then we got the triplets. They created the glow belt. The seat belt that lights up so you can find it in the dark. And last but not least, we have Kailey who created the kid's fun portable sink. Which lets you wash your hands on the go. We wanted to welcome somebody who was impressed with this to help us out with this. Please welcome, author, mother, entrepreneur, Kim perell, everybody. Thank you, thank you. You know, we love having you here. You're a multimillion-dollar entrepreneur. And I just got to ask, what kind of advice do you got for our kidventors here? I have been watching all week. I'm so impressed and so happy to be here and the inventions are incredible. So I'm so proud, number one, for all of you guys have just done such a great job. I think the advice I'd give you, based on my own experience, is never give up on your dreams. Great advice. You'll hit roadblocks and setbacks and something will go wrong and knowing that you got to get up again and be bold and believe in yourself and just know that you can do anything you want. Yes. That is the truth. Yes. That is true. And what did you think when you saw all of these inventions? I need them. I have four kids. I need all these inventions. Can I get one to go home with me? And for the viewers at home who are thinking about inventing something, what advice would you give people who are watching? Who may have the next big idea. I'm sure someone at home has the next big idea -- so please call me. Number one, I think you have to get started. Too much time get spent in ideation and note creation or execution of the idea. Start small. Go to the local hardware store and start building and creating and just taking that first step is often the hardest. Actually just doing it. You can go to the local farmers' market. Just getting out there. The other thing is, ask for help. No matter what age you are, if you're young or old, actually there's a lot of people who want to help. Absolutely. So asking your parents your school, your teachers, anyone that will listen, how can you help me achieve my dreams? But it seems also listening to this, if you're going to be an inventor or a kidventor, your attitude always goes a long way. For sure. 100%. It goes back to your attitude. Create like a mindset, a positive mindset that you can do anything and don't let anyone tell you can't. Because your confidence and your inventions has to be greater than anyone else's doubts, no matter what happens. So believe. And you can't be shy. Okay. So, Sara asked you what you thought about our kidventors. You said I need those things. You have words to share. I was impressed with your incredible inventions and the creativity you guys have brought and really, truly what you need is to keep going and I am so proud of all of you that I want to give each invention $5,000 Bring out the checks! Here we go. Lino. You take the two on the end. Lino, that's for you. Grace, that's for you. Makai, that's for you. Okay, you guys, what are you thinking right now? Can you tell me how you're feeling? I'm so amazed. I don't have any words for what I'm thinking right now. What are you thinking? I'm speechless. Triplets, how y'all doing down there? Amazed. Yeah. Kailey, what do you think? Kailey, her face says it all. We're all so proud of you

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{"duration":"5:38","description":"The successful entrepreneur has something big in store for each of our kidventors.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68986864","title":"Kidventor Finale: Kim Perell's surprise giveaway","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/kidventor-finale-kim-perells-surprise-giveaway-68986864"}