Nick Lachey's wife Vanessa prefers N'Sync to 98 Degrees

It’s a friendly battle of the boy bands in Nick’s house.
2:10 | 11/21/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Nick Lachey's wife Vanessa prefers N'Sync to 98 Degrees
I don't think there's anything I hear while Vanessa was actually be in sync thing. Yeah. So what's it went on I ninety degrees and you don't train wasn't. I'm pretty sure she was in the timber lake fan club. I thought Britain. I'm. Feeling good she was crowned miss miss teen USA they were performing. On the show at the moment she was crowned so I letter off the hook without him because it was a big woman her life. Yeah ushered in a new generation of performers would end. Your mishandled musical family who took about a little bit more about how Calif thirty families are competing and basically you have to be at least like to siblings in the group for you direct. Relatives we have everyone from fathers and thought there was a father son death penalty now which is testing Wallace and Larry asks Peta and yeah there is. There aren't they are multi generational families are blended families and it's really represented this week and every genre music you imagine was represented yet show and and does I was blown away by the the. Talent level next it was a tough out there is out there I believe from top to bottom mean these these families are incredibly talented I was blown away by the reforms has brought to tears a couple times. It was his so impact in moving casino that these families are alike in their living room doing something you love just for the sake of doing it and now they're kind of like plucked out of the living room and we're on getting a lot (%expletive) yeah I mean Eric Daze and Nickelodeon exact status and room and roll like. Deliberating for literally an hour because we still lay out a caliber it's amazing and the fate of these acts are in our hands and knees at all very seriously. And the judging in the voting with salt a 100% authentic and honest and somebody who's in a band with my brother mean I know how that is that done it again. Former handling it. And and you know it's it's this of an extra special about about performing with people you already love you know Armenians sheer body and he did it there on stage. And you do you have to do in the people respond as his dance and I YMC family and music combine it I'm winning. You can see Harry and David don't drink off Alan okay. Unlike them out of and you could. On America's most musical family every Friday and Nickelodeon.

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{"duration":"2:10","description":"It’s a friendly battle of the boy bands in Nick’s house.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67202588","title":"Nick Lachey's wife Vanessa prefers N'Sync to 98 Degrees","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/nick-lacheys-wife-vanessa-prefers-nsync-98-degrees-67202588"}