These twin doctors are on the front line of the COVID-19 crisis

Drs. Elana McDonald and Delana Wardlaw talk about why African Americans are disproportionately affected by the virus.
7:12 | 06/30/20

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Transcript for These twin doctors are on the front line of the COVID-19 crisis
Hate everybody in eight I'm joined by two inspirational backers who are your only Kobe Creag and it tells you eat. Proportionately. African American Muni and he can duties it. They're pretty remarkable and happen to be identical. We welcome to Leah ward La. And doctor panic Ronald. You so much are being here. So before we get it co Ed I'd love to hear more about it to you you're right medical needs who both went into med and why did you each choose to become. A doctor. Maternal grandmother died of breast cancer aged 53 years breast cancer diagnosed in early state as a house of ivory. However due to our and ability to have access to proper health care she didn't get mammograms and early stages. You can't afford that extra thirty years of this unit okay. A moment or online and I document bound and eyes open our that was Everett first experience with health care to hear an African American. Several multi. In my I was first year to diversity. I was an apartment. Where an American. That. Owes me. There were. Macon. Union and fit and and I. We work in underserved communities twenty years. And twin sister dot as we call ourselves. Would it wait refocus or preachy. And their pre teases that we are trusted messengers a biting. Let me change. Which will entrench easily she. What will each each restoration. And that messenger empowers are patients individuals community. The advocates for their own health. And when he worked with the health care system. That turns into improved outcomes and acute and chronic condition ultimately be about equality in light across the work and that is the twin sister doc. School obeyed nineteen at a far deadlier impact on communities of color. Can you help us understand why daddy isn't it is Garrity I mentioned in health care ability. So I think here has been AG issue with an African American community but many of our. A much about and I haven't access to a primary you're not rebel bases. It doesn't allow for conditions to be diagnosed treated and an end. Kobe has has shown that when pieces Armey and went patients' condition army and its. In a proper way and they are at higher risk for complications in and a a corona virus also is of mistrust but in the medical establishment for reasons that I am an error in. You still hold. I'll true. One of the key reasons is that there's distrusts. Where's the medical establishment. Is there they're bad many insists is and history. Maine and then was that Tuskegee. Air where African Americans were on no only. What help they did not receive medication for the treatment. Citrus that they can see what the long term complications. OM. Implement seem as important messenger. Passenger and not on here. You as an eight on the net and and what can you can help. Want to open 1980s is the change by the week. Ago. And we're going to Ford as a country. We should be we have to make sure where we're N. Which we're sure this is seeing you know just because opening and we he doing these things and been going to get to this point. And then also and you aren't with. We still aren't you know make sure you are getting your doctor's office. As a pediatrician. Who won sure we're still just a development and more may trigger giving back. We have to make sure that we have are anxious to test that everybody has access the test and right now there's obviously been an issue about him enough to have any dubious and as (%expletive) or who's gonna get tested we don't have to everybody who we need to make sure that we do contact tracing. We made sure their people culturally sensitive. Because without a Trace of people have this year information. Act for us. Yet this year that information. And to you have to recognize that his situation an American community allies and a multi generational housing. So again also have to isolate. And they don't have that ability did do that. State elite state and local government really needs elementary via back into the isolate and they live and a family with an and a house with several campaign. And all we have to make sure that. People sort of the economic. On this it needs and they have isolated making it. I'm go to work about marketing. And also creates a lot of hesitancy as to why people are. I'm hesitant about getting the test done so government supports our resources and place. All of the procedures and lay. I'm allow you protect and not lose their job and we're about. Of these financial issues if they test positive for corona virus and then we also needs of a movement as a buys. Every Lebanese. Aim stand up here ribeiro who raise those economic net Alan implicit bias. Has. Huge negative outcomes in medicine and just more of government and a at every American now positions. We are three others lightly with spears maternal mortality. Died giving birth then. I bet a Caucasian female and again bagels and an implicit by in also. Health care to err so we have to rate. These things now before we liked you wanna get a huge shout out and report released. You need in Albania Stanley met in addition of the year Kurt eat. Gradually and on your honored are more. Thank you very much Garrett I am honored to represent the and we positions across been denying it. Oh my colleagues and my patients are nominated me and I am proud to represent a specialty that. All of those relationships with our patients and we developed that bet that fairness. So that we can the Arab health care. Eight U boat because there's a lot and information in educating and being that continued we need to bring attention to and you guys are living examples. I'm back 08 you very much for being on mines for doing what you do around were all such huge admires of people and it was an honor to be able to. Whipple you today. Eric. Eight. About act.

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{"duration":"7:12","description":"Drs. Elana McDonald and Delana Wardlaw talk about why African Americans are disproportionately affected by the virus.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71539955","title":"These twin doctors are on the front line of the COVID-19 crisis","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/twin-doctors-front-line-covid-19-crisis-71539955"}