The style evolution of Lady Gaga

From Gaga to Lady, this is how disco, pop culture and Hollywood played a part in her evolving style.
10:42 | 11/25/19

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Transcript for The style evolution of Lady Gaga
I can't even stand a woman being compared to. Yeah. Some of the customers did something you didn't watch. And you did watch something tells king welcome home I'll take my clothes off. He. Yeah yeah. And brand. And I don't take my glasses off. For many and it is that I I think things thank you. What's wrong with my hair. I'm thinking I'm. Don't be. I made this garbage. Believe it. He'd sent them to us so. That also was a very strong. And dictator in the stadium used in fairy car. Very very day. Girl. Yeah it's no. And I snack hey man Abu. As Sulu. Everyone at the fascinated about how you enter. The grammys used to make an entrance as you did here I wanted to have me back and I think the you know acts from happening back. Yeah. And it will today was a latex condom inspired outfit because we here to talk about safe sex. Don't include. Them. Okay. We'll. Put this sort of climbing Obama advances and I'll into the death hello my five. You never let us down with your fashion. I'm okay. Not just my and I love. I figured yeah. Yes that's right thing here. Ticking off my waves taking off my make up. You know going back to that earlier place in my life to play this character. It's it's an interesting thing for me to the Villa.

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{"duration":"10:42","description":"From Gaga to Lady, this is how disco, pop culture and Hollywood played a part in her evolving style.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67210589","title":"The style evolution of Lady Gaga","url":"/GMA/Style/video/style-evolution-lady-gaga-67210589"}