Couple flying home with just-adopted infant has sweetest flight

Dustin Moore, the father of the adopted infant, shared how flight attendants and passengers showed love for the family.
3:04 | 02/14/20

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Transcript for Couple flying home with just-adopted infant has sweetest flight
We have a lovely story about a couple flying home with their new adopted infant and as word spread on the plane they were surprised with a baby shower from all the passengers on board. Kaylee Hartung sat down with the new parents and joins us now. Reporter: Good morning, George. Dustin and Karen Moore traveled a long road to get on that airplane but the journey of parenthood was just beginning. An act of kindness by the crew members plus the love of a plane full of strangers helped in family take flight. And here's where all of the napkins start. Reporter: This scrapbook holding the memories of an unforgettable flight home filled with words of love. Enjoy every moment, even the sleepless nights. Wake up every day and see your beautiful daughter by the most precious gift god has given you. You are heroes. That was something right there to see that from somebody. We just want to be parents. Reporter: Dustin and Karen tried for nine years to have a baby. With no success. Their dreams finally coming true in November when they adopted a baby girl in Colorado. Falling in love immediately. She had me wrapped around her fingers instantly. I heard her crying outside the room. I started crying. The feeling that is just a culmination of all the time and heartache and loss we've had and now here we have this sweet little baby. And a week later it's time to bring her home. A week later it was time to bring her home, yep. Reporter: The Moores were prepared to are a difficult day. Getting on a plane for the first time with a newborn. Their adoption story spreading on the plane with a flight attendant congratulated the new family over the intercom. We have the parents of this little baby, 8-day-old baby and Dustin and Karen are her parents taking her home for the first time. The two of us looked at each other like you're hearing this too, talking about us and our daughter. Reporter: The flight attendant asked the passengers to share celebratory messages of advice on their napkins. Small gifts for the new family. Nobody knew how significant that was to us. All those worries and those fears we had about can we do this? Are people going to be good it our sweet daughter even though we adopted her and everybody who just shouted yes in unison to each other and made us feel so good. So, so good. Right away. To do that for us. It was -- I can't think of anything better. I can't think of any better way than to bring our daughter home that way. Those napkins saved in a scrapbook sharing their own message to those strangers on that airplane. And that gratitude went both ways. Among those napkins one from a passenger who wrote, they were adopted 64 years ago. Thanking the Moores for giving this child a loving family to be a part of and saying us adopted kids need a little extra love. Guys. Thank you, Kaylee, for bringing us that story. So spontaneous and so loving. So special. What a great story. It sure was.

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{"duration":"3:04","description":"Dustin Moore, the father of the adopted infant, shared how flight attendants and passengers showed love for the family.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68983257","title":"Couple flying home with just-adopted infant has sweetest flight","url":"/GMA/Travel/video/couple-flying-home-adopted-infant-sweetest-flight-68983257"}