Travel Mom shares how to save big on your grown-up getaway

Travel expert Emily Kaufman gives “GMA” viewers the latest deals and tips to stretch your travel dollar.
6:16 | 10/02/19

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Transcript for Travel Mom shares how to save big on your grown-up getaway
Of course, you dream about that. We've got some good news. Now may be the best time to take that vacation. Travel exert Emily Kaufman known as the travel mom is here. She has the latest deals and steals to stretch your travel dollars. Why is this the great time? The kids are back in school so destiny nations are less crowded. The weather is still spectacular. And you're going to find a lot of deals and bargains because it's what we call the shoulder season. The shoulder season. It's before the busy Christmas travel time a after summer vacation. Okay. Well, we have some of our audience members that are going to help us out. This is rob and Ali. Hello, rob and Ali. You booked a trip. You used what, miles and -- Yeah, we used miles to fly here and hotel points to stay in a hotel. That would be a tip that I would definitely take advantage of. Perks you can already be entitled to. Perfect time for a luxury included all inclusive vacation. For one price you get accommodations. Your meals, your beverages, your activities and this is a great time to do it because of that shoulder season. We see added value. You get an extra night when you purchase three nights. You get credits to be used on the property. I found something in Mexico under $400 a night which is for two people, all your meals, accommodations, activities and a $75 credit. Oh, wow. All right, thank you very much. Who do we have? Patrick and Alison. I can see you like a little wine tasting. Now, you're a bartender. Yes. Alison, bless your heart, you're a special education teacher in New York. I know you all like to kind of unwind a little bit so what can they do? We have you sitting in wine country because a wine vacation is a great grown-up getaway and something people really love and this is the season so the wine is all new. All kind of activities and events so you can enjoy the new wines. Think outside the box when it comes to wine country. Go somewhere like williamsburg. It's where they have the oldest vines in America. One of my favorites sonoma county up in northern they have three different pillars there. They have the coastline, the redwoods and terrific wine tasting? Are there good deal. Great Dees. You can package things together and save up to 20% when you book your air, your hotel and your food and wine pairings. All right. Well, thank you, pat and Alison. So we have shonte and Rebecca. Girls' trip. Girls' trip from Texas. Visiting us. I love this. You have so much that you're packing into your vacation being here. But if you don't want to have something that's just wall to wall activity, what can you do? Well, you can have wall-to-wall activity and do absolutely nothing on a cruise. I love a cruise vacation because you only have to pack and unpack one time and you're magically transported to a different destination each time you wake up and now it's -- I'm watching ginger. Ginger is in the back. She's rowing your cruise ship through the caribbean. One of the things I love about this time of year is we have repositioning cruises meaning those ships that were sailing in Alaska are now relocating to Mexico, the ships that were in Europe are coming back to the caribbean so there's unique itineraies right know so you can try something different. Great deals. Great deals for cruise vacations at the shoulder season as well. Okay, well, wonderful. We got it pretty much covered here. You know, these wonderful audience members have helped us out. Anything we can do, Emily? You're the travel mom. I want to continue to encourage and inspire people to take vacations and celebrity cruises does too and celebrity cruises is sending you on a girlfriends' get away. Oh, my god. Oh, my god. Slobodan Milosevic That is a vision. It was like cruise line and I'm taking the credit. Come on. Look. Look at this. Oh, so sweet. I would have put you sitting in a sonoma county scene without sending you to sonoma county. Vacation. Sonoma county tourism is taking care of your airfare, your luxury accommodations and your food and wine pairing so you can have a beautiful grown-up getaway in beautiful sonoma county. Thank you. That's great. Well, I'm sorry. That's all the time that we have. No, just kidding. Just kidding. Just joking. Well, when it comes to the luxury included vacation, nobody does it better than sandals and sandals wants you to have a wonderful grown-up getaway as well and sending you on one of their five-star vacations so can you enjoy wonderful time together. You do this. You should follow the travel mom on social media. She's got great dials for everybody. We want to thank you, thank you,

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{"duration":"6:16","description":"Travel expert Emily Kaufman gives “GMA” viewers the latest deals and tips to stretch your travel dollar.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65998855","title":"Travel Mom shares how to save big on your grown-up getaway","url":"/GMA/Travel/video/travel-mom-shares-save-big-grown-getaway-65998855"}