26-year-old Black woman dies during emergency c-section

The death of Sha-Asia Washington is bringing attention to the risks that women of color face during childbirth.
3:30 | 07/10/20

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Transcript for 26-year-old Black woman dies during emergency c-section
We'll switch gears to our "Gma" cover story. It's about the glaring disparities facing women of color seeking maternal care in the United States. Highlighted by the heart 7 breaking story of a 26-year-old New York woman. Let's bring in janai Norman for more. Reporter: This is not a new issue. The data has been around for years. Statistics are staggering. Serena Williams even shared her experience during childbirth when she said hospital staff ignored her concerns about a pulmonary embolism but it is costing black women their lives. Uh-oh Reporter: Tragedy in the maternity ward. This woman went to the hospital for a routine checkup and never went home. Seen here in these pictures from a gofundme pages she passed away during an emergency c-section before ever getting to meet or hold her baby girl Chloe. The hospital telling ABC news, the city's public health system recognizes the disproportionate increased burden that black and brown patients face. We are committed to addressing this. Reporter: Amber rose Isaac also died following an emergency c-section in a New York City hospital. Just days after posting on social media about her experience with what she called incompetent doctors during her pregnancy. She was ignored. Time and time and time again. She's voiced her concerns. Reporter: Amber's partner, Bruce is now raising their 2-month-old baby boy alone and he says amber's death was preventable. The hospital says 94% of our deliveries are minority mothers and montefiore's maternal mortality rate of 0.01% is lower than New York City and national averages. Any maternal death is a tragedy. These heartbreaking stories just the latest examples of staggering statistics. Black women in America die giving birth nearly three times more than white women. Check your bias. Reporter: Dr. Jennifer Lincoln is trying to bring attention to the program on tiktok. We have so many other studies that show that black people are undertreated for pain and wait longer in the emergency room. They are less likely to be taken seriously. So what do you think can be done for medical professionals already out there to address this? I still have to stop myself every time I'm caring for somebody who looks different than me and always check and say, am I delivering the same level of care here? Reporter: This mom says she was temporarily left paralyzed while giving birth to her third child. I didn't have the top of the line insurance so right then, yeah, I had the two going against me. Reporter: She is now a doula hoping to give a safe and comfortable experience to new A part of me loves the fact that I went through it. If I hadn't I wouldn't be following my passion that I love so much today in regard to it. Reporter: As for Bruce he's found healing by launching save a rose foundation honoring amber and aiming to combat and dismantle systemic flaws within the health care system but says it kills him thinking about his son growing up without his mother, George. Of course, important to shine a light on this issue.

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{"duration":"3:30","description":"The death of Sha-Asia Washington is bringing attention to the risks that women of color face during childbirth.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71710088","title":"26-year-old Black woman dies during emergency c-section","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/26-year-black-woman-dies-emergency-section-71710088"}