How the new Apple Watch keeps your family more connected

The new watch, announced earlier this week, allows parents to send money to their kids and to track their movements, among other features.
3:12 | 09/17/20

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Transcript for How the new Apple Watch keeps your family more connected
Time for a first up close and personal look at the new apple watch. Yesterday we told you about groundbreaking new futures that largely focus on health. This morning, Becky Worley is one of the first people to get her hands on it and Becky is joining us from San Francisco with what parents will want to know about this new technology. Good morning, Becky. Reporter: Good morning, Amy. Apple watches are communication device, music players, step counters and so much more but now they're also a way to keep track of your kids without handing them a smartphone. My 12-year-old twins opted in for a little product testing with not big brother but big mother. This morning, the new apple watch is promising breakthrough health features like a blood oxygen sensor and integration with apple's new streaming fitness service. But with its new family setup feature it's now also a way to keep track of my kids without the need to give them their own smartphone. Apple let me do a test drive sending me three apple watches. The new apple watch 6 for me and two of the more affordable se models for my twins which retail for $329 with a cellular plan. For you and for you. Cool. Whoa. Their watches can be programmed to make calls and techs to a select set of contacts that I control. Hi. Did you get a new apple watch? Yeah. We both did. Reporter: It tracks the kids' activity and has a school time mode that helps kids stay focussed with do not disturb and restricted interaction though it does allow calls and texts for a one-minute window so kids and parents can communicate in an emergency. The real power comes in two features sending money to a kid's watch. $5. More? And realtime tracking. There are two fro Joe shops in our town. I don't know which ones they will go to. Lost the visual but I have a got them on my phone. They're together. I really am big mother right now. They are at tutti-frutti yogurt shop. They pay with their watches. Thank you. I can even send extra money and call them or use the walkie-talkie feature to tell them to buy me one. Original tart with m&ms please. Okey-dokey. A sweet treat for parents looking for a little piece of mind. In order to use these tracking features you need an apple watch 4 or later with a cellular plan and one other new feature is exercise tracking tweaked a little to work bitter for kids. What's unique it doesn't talk about calories, it's all about movement time and, Amy, I know how much you love the exercise tracking features of your watch. Yes. This is a win, own, right? It's great to have the kids set their own movement goals like we do is really cool not counting calories but movement time and I know those rings, closing the exercise and the move ring, you can have that share feature with friends and family to get us into competition, friendly competition to move more which is great for everyone. Thanks, Becky.

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{"duration":"3:12","description":"The new watch, announced earlier this week, allows parents to send money to their kids and to track their movements, among other features.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73067756","title":"How the new Apple Watch keeps your family more connected","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/apple-watch-track-kids-73067756"}