Busy work schedule? Here's your at-home workout

Holly Rilinger, a Nike master trainer and the creator of LIFTED, demonstrates 10 exercises that need no equipment.
8:35 | 01/14/19

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Transcript for Busy work schedule? Here's your at-home workout
So I know so many of you are busy in the nine to five right up there are many of you and fitness news you can do at home and this is a swap with an overhead rotation until there were for a full body primarily work and plot and up. Rotate your spine and drive your arms up to the ceiling. Come back then senator. Down hills drive up rotate lift your arms up the feeling as if it. Down. Drives up. And down. In nice and tight. You. This move is a complement to move. One exercise to start the curtsy lines but that if you drop won me back behind the other. Dropping down and that's move number 12. Line is gonna go into it. Dropping pertinent. Picked up this side back here sent. Off but they got on and it hurt humans. Pick up this let's. Drop that knee back and but to get up. Mouth. Dropped back. Really pushing your front he'll work and that gluten excel. Kick start back to send our next move is in line with the so anything about it that this fine is important because you want me mobility. Through our life I watch these men and went. They dropped back in reverse one and that's nice and strong part of this sector and rotate over that front need. Back and his step back here starting this same thing on the left side. Drop back Q ninety degree angles their feet to your needs rotate over that right knee. Back in the starting position right back ethnic and noticed you're in that down position. For a couple seconds to hold stabilized pulled a belly button and excels. Wrote me back to the beginning. Step but again step it up again you're really gonna feel this humans step back. Truck that almost the ground rotate. In the south. Right back during. Artest Superfund maneuvered jump around them so don't worry if you can't jobs and often and always modify. And you wouldn't go down squat. Brown jumper beat together. That you basically alternating act. In the middle ground in the middle of what you length. As you a lot they can't jump just brings together together out out. In this plot that she modification just like this next minute it's called a blocking flanks or might have pushed up the some heavy started hi my position and get your hands. And shoulders. Your feet just like that. It dropped down in each hand. One at a time it comes back up your right hand hurt us up. Meaning that down on the left side elbow elbow. Hand in hand and noticed my hips and no rotation keeping him square to the ground the whole time I'm going down. And now modification is knees ground. Album album hand to hand complete alignment from my teens following up. My thigh hugging everybody went sort it out tonight so this next line is all of now. Well the media listen only start fully extended on the ground here from had been had to come up and lick your shoulders off the ground and reach for your. Yes like this need. And right back down this might call live via your body is treating eight V I noticed my chest. Very tall ex help. Reach for my ankles expanded. On the ground. Reach back up. Number tight here apps full you may not be able to get all the way up the first to reach much you can. As you can hire reps from these. If he. Does next week is fun. I like you bear crop this really the full body X it really feel it in your plot. Shoulders it letting children and your court. Tested around. Get a tight position tucked under. And lots of business simply lift my knees. Again if you're begin this may be all you can find this. Dominant office. Is that waffle. So right and left but. Left and right. Opera sits. An office nominee go backwards we're steps back opposite handed but noticed my knees hovering. Over the Wrenham pulling my belly button and my quads are fired up. That's a lot just out of that wraps. Letting you know. And then come right back on the you can really build up this exercise you may start with just four stepped forward with the backing from buildings time adding another raft. And yet it's. It is Nixon has a funny name is called net book and its hands down one of the best exercises. There cop a law. Pour it. First thing or any news is that got a brown let her back. They already get active lower leg appeared to notice my leg and just hang an out they're very active lacks up from here meant it to enhance. Some at a press against one of my knees. The first thing the final avenue my lower but fact is when a lift up anonymous press mylar back into the ground. Watch my left let stand its XL. Bring back nine maintaining a lot attention. Through my hands to my knees and gluing. My lower back to the ground acts up. And how you'll notice I'm even shaking right here lots attention one mark. Back to center. Ago. That same thing on the left side just to show you a couple of right here after lower body. Henson who left need glue my lower back to the ground start to of that right out breathing. And again you're shaking. Your doing it right while much. Right back down a good thing about this exercise is anybody can do it. I was suggests starting out just four to five wrapped inside in this field. I write this next man I kind of break it I don't know what's altered in the house but free Internet and have. Let there shall act. Right here and you are. Through one's eyes open upper body. Day. It is pushed his left hip on the ground cuts. Areas rotate through looked Downey your fat. Real. Noticed my body's rotating. And stabilizing. The same time I'm opening up myself side to side and up this is too hard for you here's like if you. Touched her. In the in this touch through. Next level reach for your foot. Touch. There's three levels. Of doing this move our glues are very important part of our by Chilean movements and you lose that's it for example. Blueprints. But have you got your brown. Right away. Your feet really nobody knows they're up in the air cancer flat with pops up so yeah. From him I drive my hip in the air and squeeze. My blue looks super simple look at you right. You're really hip boots. But sweep of the top ex south. Right back down with a couple more notice I told her pulling up in the air they're not out suicide squeeze enough at south went back down. Up next level if you think your feet to the ground units for march. In place. You're holding that idling position here hybrids. During a march in place stabilizing through your core. That's your progression. About them around. From its all about lynching and Q. I think just about ten to fifteen rapped Britain warming up off just reacted the wrong.

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{"duration":"8:35","description":"Holly Rilinger, a Nike master trainer and the creator of LIFTED, demonstrates 10 exercises that need no equipment.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60320607","title":"Busy work schedule? Here's your at-home workout","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/busy-work-schedule-home-workout-60320607"}